Insects are by far the most diverse and ecologically important group of animal’s inland habitats, with hundreds of species to be found in almost every garden and green space. With their abundant availability and feeding habit, they have been causing damages to various applications across various sectors.
Wooden applications are highly susceptible to termite attacks as they are composed of cellulose which is the primary diet of these termites. Moreover, crops are also vulnerable to attacks by insects both subterranean and otherwise. Thermoplastic materials have always attracted insects. The plasticizers & the aromatic odors of polymers, the bright colors & the texture of polymer products attract insects. Also, all these are sensitive applications where the choice of treatment needs to be not only effective but also low in toxicity and low hazard.
Termirepel is an extremely low in toxicity and low hazard insect/termite aversive which has been designed for various applications including natural materials like wood. It combines the best of chemistry and green practices to give an environmentally safe product which keeps the termites and insects away effectively while at the same time guaranteeing safety to the environment, plants, animals and fragile ecosystems. It is a coming of age product which heralds an era of environmental consciousness and maintains a delicate balance while addressing problems caused by insects in myriad applications without causing any harm to them.
Termirepel does not kill but only keeps away the insect by making use of the sensory mechanisms. Aggressive species are further deterred from attacking by advanced mechanisms like aversion, feeding deterrents, mating disruption, reproduction cycle inhibition, growth impairment, and chemo sterilization thus modifying their response towards the Termirepel containing products resulting in them staying away from the application. Thus, Termirepel actually helps in modifying insect behavior.
Termirepel has been extensively tested for its efficiency against termites and insects both in house as well as by reputed government testing institutes such as Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad etc. and has been found to be extremely effective against the latter.
Termirepel testing in the wood was done over 7 years in Europe. It was a double-blind test to check the resistance of Termirepel against real live testing with wood (food of termites) being buried in termite mounds. Wood samples treated with Termirepel remained undamaged after being buried in termite mound for over 7 years.
The active life of Termirepel ranges from 5-40 years and it is on an average found to be effective for about 15 years. This varies from application to application.
The below graph is a comparison between the toxic pyrethroids like dieldrin and bifenthrin and our safe product Termirepel in terms of failure, repellence, effectiveness, and long term protection. It can be concluded that Termirepel is safe and effective when compared to these toxic pyrethroids.
TERMIREPEL is compatible with all kinds of thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers such as PE, XLPE, PP, PVC, polyesters, epoxies and paints: both water and oil based. TERMIREPEL is available in the form of concentrate based on LDPE as well as EVA polymeric granules. It is also available as:
  • Polymer based masterbatches and concentrates
  • Dilute Water based solution for fabrics and textiles
  • Paint additive Concentrate for all kinds of paint
  • A solution in kerosene or any paint miscible solvent
  • 50% concentrated Nano granular form
  • CFC-free Aerosol Spray Grades for indoor use, wood and furniture protection, medical equipment, hospitals, restaurants, waste management, schools, military applications, etc.
Direct application Lacquers
Moreover, a solution of Termirepel can be used as a wood preservative in a similar fashion to conventional wood preservatives that are used elsewhere. The absorbance capacity of the wood with respect to this solution is high; it is incorporated with the same right from the core to its outer periphery thus rendering the latter termite proof.
As Termirepel is effective at very low levels; it does not interfere with the physical or chemical properties of polymers or compounded polymers. It is designed to withstand the extreme heat of polymer processing as also enhanced and uniform dispersion along the length of the polymer matrix. Since our products are used at low loadings, the physical properties of the polymers or the compounding process are not at all affected.
Termirepel has been incorporated as an aerosol spray. Termirepel has been very successfully added to wires and cables, silage films, seats, plastic bags, etc.
Safety Aspects
Since Termirepel is designed to aversion effectively and not kill the insects or any other animal; it doesn’t harm any target or non-target species in any way. We are committed to our environment & we believe that no harm must be caused to animals, insects or to the environment. Cables & pipes often pass through large expanses of untouched forests & outdoors, several native & protected species often come into contact with these cables. Moreover, crops often get damaged due to indeterminate and arbitrary use of pesticides and insecticides. These can even affect target species which are in fact useful for agriculture such as bees which help in pollination, earthworms which help in maintaining the porosity of the soil which is extremely important for crops.
Termites although they cause a lot of damage are in fact necessary in maintaining the ecological balance. Ecologically, termites are important in nutrient recycling, habitat creation, soil formation and quality and, particularly the winged reproductive, as food for countless predators. The role of termites in hollowing timbers and thus providing shelter and increased wood surface areas for other creatures is critical for the survival of a large number of timber-inhabiting species. Larger termite mounds play a role in providing a habitat for plants and animals, especially on plains in Africa that are seasonally inundated by a rainy season, providing a retreat above the water for smaller animals and birds, and a growing medium for woody shrubs with root systems that cannot withstand inundation for several weeks. Thus Termirepel is designed to be a completely harmless product.
Safe for humans
It is safe for humans as well. Therefore any sort of accidental ingestion wouldn’t prove to be fatal or have any detrimental side effects but merely unpleasant on account of the bitter taste of the product.
Environmental Applications
Termirepel is completely inert within the polymer matrix apart from executing its primary function of keeping the animal away. Thus it doesn’t leach out to pollute and as a result wouldn’t contaminate the groundwater, surface water reserves, and soil. Moreover, it has a low vapor pressure which means that it doesn’t volatilize easily thus not resulting in vapors mixing with the atmosphere. Also, it is thermally stable at the highest polymeric processing temperatures.