• Telecommunication

    Termirepel is available in the form of LDPE/EVA universal concentrates which can be easily incorporated in the cables during the process of extrusion. Termirepel Lacquer and liquid concentrates can be coated over the existing cable to protect them from the damage inflicted by termites and insects. Termirepel insect repellent spray can be sprayed on electronic components and devices, electrical sockets, and installed wires and cables to protect them against insect damage.

  • Wood and Furniture

    Termirepel wood polish additive can be applied as a topical application by mixing it with wood polish and can be applied on wooden furniture and wooden articles. Termirepel can be added to the wood while it is processed at the mill to keep it away from insect attacks. The lacquer can be directly applied on the wooden surface to protect it from insect damage. The spray can be used on the wooden articles and furniture to repel the insects.

  • Residential

    Liquid concentrate can be applied to the interiors and exteriors of homes, building structures, ceilings, gardens, farms, outhouses, etc. to repel insects from the areas required. Lacquer form can be directly applied to the already installed applications such as attics, wooden fences, pipes, wires, cables, etc. Wooden furniture and articles can be coated with our wood polish additive to protect it from pest attacks. Sprays can be used indoors as well as outdoors to repel the insects.

  • Agriculture

    Irrigation pipelines, silage films, storage bags, and containers, etc. can be manufactured using our Termirepel masterbatch. Termirepel lacquer and liquid concentrate can be coated as a top coat on the fencing and tree guards, already installed pipes, system components like sprinklers, equipment, wires, and cables, etc. Sprays can be used in storage and equipment rooms, etc.

  • Hospitals

    Polymeric applications manufactured by incorporating our products can be used in areas of hospitals. Termirepel liquid concentrate can be diluted in paints and can be applied on interiors and exteriors of hospitals, patient’s room, and operation theatres. The lacquer can be applied to different instruments. The spray is an easy to use product and can be used on infested surfaces to repel the insects and termites.

  • Hotel Industry

    Termirepel lacquer and liquid concentrate can be used as a topical application to coat kitchen areas, food storage areas, laundry rooms, hotel interiors, furniture, vents, pipes, doors and windows, etc. The spray can be used on infested areas and susceptible areas to keep insects at bay. Special grades of Termirepel can be added to the mattresses to repel the bedbugs.

  • Shipping Industry

    Ships and other marine structures can be protected from termites and other insects by a paint based solution of our Termirepel applied as an outer coating. Our products added to the material of the mattresses and berths can prevent infestation by bed bugs and protect passengers from harm. Lacquer can be used as a topical application on any surface to protect it from insect attack. Sprays can be used in bedding and crew rooms, storage areas, ceilings and panels, kitchens and dining areas, etc.

  • Railway Carriages

    Termirepel can be blended with paints and the same be coated to the coaches. Lacquer can be applied on the galvanized surface to protect it from insect damage. Termirepel can be incorporated in the polymeric seats and rexine to prevent damage from insects. Sprays can be used on difficult to reach areas, kitchens and pantry areas, control rooms, etc. and thereby prevent insect damage.