The mechanism for Termirepel

Incorporated within its chemistry are a unique set of compounds which provide Termirepel with an effective method to keep away termites and insects in general while at the same time causing no harm to the target as well as the non-target species, human beings, and the environment. Termirepel follows a systematic 6 pronged strategy which is extremely effective against insects and even other animals. Here is how:


Termirepel acts as an aversive by way of which the application when treated with the same merely keeps the termites/insects away rather than killing them.

Feeding Disruption

Termirepel triggers an unpleasant reaction in termites and other Insects who try to feed or damage the application.It dissuades the insect from feeding on the application. Because of the unpleasant reactions experienced by the insect they do not feed or destroy the application in search of food.

Oviposition Deterrence:

Insects,especially like termites, ants and many more are present along with their entire colony near the application. The size of the colony increases continuously which possess a great threat to the application. Termirepel temporarily inhibits the ability of the colony to grow in size. The female will not lay eggs or the laid eggs will be infertile.

Growth Inhibition:

It temporarily blocks the reproduction system of the insects by hindering the release of the vital hormones for growth. This impairs the growth cycle of the insects thus preventing them from reaching maturity.

Mating Disruption:

It temporarily inhibits the mating cycle of the termites/insect. Mating disruption involves the use of sex pheromones to prevent the male insect from finding females and mating.

Chemo sensory messaging and repellency

Since the insects communicate through the semio-chemicals, the insects warn the other insects of the threat when they come across a application treated with Termirepel.