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TermirepelTM is extremely low concern extremely low toxicity, non-carcinogenic and non-mutagenic compounds and non hazardous insect/termite aversive Anti Termite which has been designed for polymeric applications as well as natural materials like wood. It combines the best of chemistry and green practices to give an environmentally safe product which which keep away effectively while at the same time guaranteeing safety to the environment, plants, animals and fragile ecosystems. It is a coming of age product which heralds an era of environmental consciousness and maintains a delicate balance while addressing problems caused by insects in myriad applications without causing any harm.
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termirepel_about termirepel
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Our Group has been manufacturing chemicals in India for 80 years and exporting products globally for over 50 years now. C Tech Corporation is an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996 registered company. We have made uncompromising quality a trademark & a religion for our company.
C Tech Corporation has been manufacturing chemicals for the past 80 years and exporting them globally for the past 50 years. Here is a look at the spectrum of the globe across which C Tech Corporation has a strong presence.
Damage by termites and insects in general has resulted into colossal losses running into billions of dollars every year in various countries. Here is a look at some of the facts about termites which may provide an insight on the damage caused by termites and why it need to be addressed in an effective manner
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