Termirepel against the blood sucking bedbugs

Termirepel™ is a non- toxic, non- hazardous and environmentally friendly anti termite/ insect aversive masterbatch. This amazing masterbatch can be250px-Bed_bug,_Cimex_lectularius successfully incorporated in a wide range of applications ranging from polymeric to coating like wood preservation, termite barrier applications, fiber optic cables and electrical wiring, plastic ducts and hoses, Gaseous transfer applications including pipelines etc.

 A Gist on Bedbugs

Bed bugs are parasitic haematophagus insects (blood sucking) insects and probably the oldest of the human parasites. They are mainly active at night but this does not imply them of being completely nocturnal and feed exclusively on blood. The adult bedbugs appear light brownish or reddish brown in color and have a flattened or oval shape. They are responsible for a number of adverse health effects e.g. skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms.

They were believed to have been eradicated in the early 1940s but on 12th December 2011, experts at SRI International reported that bedbugs can inbreed and can still reproduce.

bedbugs-5040d92726e53822The common bed bug, (Cimex lectularius) has adapted well to human environments. It is generally found in temperate climates. It is more common in tropical regions, and feeds on hosts e.g. poultry and bats.

Leptocimex boueti, found mainly in South America and West Africa feeds chiefly on humans and bats.

Haematosiphon inodora, of North America, feeds primarily on poultry.

They have their own ways of getting into human habitats ex- when luggage, furniture especially second hand ones, sofas or bedding are moved in. These parasites can survive for months without food. A bat or a bird when flies into a home can also bring some bedbugs. This dilemma should not be taken for granted with a notion that they aren’t that dreadful vectors.

EPA and Center for Disease Control and Prevention have affirmed that “bedbugs are a significant public health concern”. They can cause anemia, mental health concerns, anxiety, insomnia and depression”.

bed_bug_bites_handSigns of their infestations

  • Reddish bumps start showing on the skin accompanied by extreme itching after being bitten by a bedbug. In a few cases the victim may have an anaphylactic reaction.
  • Blood stains on the sheets or pillowcases

Bedbug faecal spots, egg shells or shed skins in their hideout areas.


  • Firstly, we should avoid scratching that can be infectious
  • Tropical creams like cortisone to relieve itching are available in the market and oral antibiotics are also prescribed by few doctors
  • Antihistamines also help in relieving itching.
  • Oral corticosteroids are prescribed in case of severe allergies

   Few Evidences

Bedbug Invasion bothering “the Kangaroos”

Feb 11, 2011

The ABC News had published that bedbug infestations have risen after being wiped off by the banned DDT years ago. A lot of complaints from the hoteliers, the local residents have revealed their comeback to the Australian subcontinent. They like cracks and crevices in rooms, the power points, mattresses etc.

“They like to be in the dark, in the warmth and don’t mind being claustrophobic.”

Sydney pest controller Rita Kokontis confirms that the travelers and tourists are behind their rising numbers.

Travelers sue Chicago’s Hotel over bedbug attack

Aug 22, 2012

Pamela April and Char’o Safford claim that their families suffered bedbug bites at Chicago’s Hickory Ridge Marriott Hotel. They sued the Hotel for $ 2, 50,000.  According to a Fox Chicago reporter, Ms April claimed that she was contacted by the Hotel authorities saying that bedbugs had been found in her room.

Bedbug attack grounded British Airways 747

Mar 1, 2011

Yahoo executive Jane Selkirk flew twice with the British Airways and encountered horrifying bedbug bites both the times. During her first flight with them, she found bloodstains on her shirt and swarming with the bugs.

The second time she was terrified to find 90 bug bites on her body. A lot of such incidences have been reported with the Boeing.

Bedbugs are a growing problem around the world.

Popular methods to control Bedbugs:

  1. Normally, to overcome this problem fumigation of a particular area is undertaken or some insecticides are available to fight this dilemma. Initially in the early 1940s DDT had been used which got banned later and in the recent years pyrethroid based insecticides like λ-Cyhalothrin, Bifenthrin, Carbaryl, Imidacloprid have been in use. But questions arise on their possible toxic effects on the surrounding including the living beings and additionally, these blood suckers have developed resistance to these insecticides including organophosphates.
  2. Inorganic materials like diatomaceous earth in combination with other methods can also manage to fight this infestation but should be used in a dry environment.
  3. Boric acid is also used but has lesser efficacy because bedbugs do not groom.

 Termirepel™ Naturopathy

As discussed above, Termirepel™ is an anti termite/ insect aversive masterbatch which is non- toxic, non- hazardous and a green product.  Termirepel™ does not contain any lead, copper or other heavy metal toxic compounds and also contributes in maintaining a greener environment with its negligible leachability characteristic.

It works on a mechanism of aversion i.e. insects are deterred instead of aiming at killing them. This further has impacts like feeding disruption whereby the insect will suffer an unpleasant reaction and hence will keep itself away from the Termirepel™ treated area. This mechanism gradually conditions the response of the animal and achieves a drastic decline in the number as well as the intensity of infestations. Termirepel™ acts as an excellent wood preservative and it involves the wooden application to be dipped into a solution of Termirepel™. Since the major hideouts for these bugs are old furniture, sofas, bedding and other wooden items Termirepel™ can prove to be a good alternative to fight these blood sucking parasites.