Ecofriendly route to protect Polymers

There are about 2500 species of termites in the world. Termites are also untitledreferred to as ‘white ants’ because of their creamy coloring and ant-like appearance. Termites help the environment by assisting in recycling of organic matter and nutrients back to soil.

Termites are known to eat though wood materials as their main food item is cellulose, but they also eat through plastic water pipes, lead batteries, and under the hood wiring in automobiles.

untitledEven a small hole is sufficient enough for the termites to get across the cables. Underground cables are prone to attacks from termites. This can lead to circuit breakdowns. Termites eat though both lead & polyethylene sheathings. Even if the sheathing has an additive like an insecticide, they can still cause a serious damage as the insecticide is not designed for use in wires and cables.

Each year hundreds of thousands of structures like bridges, dams, decks, untitledhomes, retaining walls, utility poles, and underground cables and pipes require treatment for termites.

There are numerous incidents where underground cable systems were attacked by termites. In Brazil, cables was made up of two layers core & sheath which is insulated internally by oil-impregnated paper and externally by a PVC sheath was damaged by termites. The termites caused serious damage to the cables by puncturing the PVC layer which is the outer covering of the cable.

untitledThis can lead to outages and requires expensive maintenance. It can also cause corrosion and hence short circuits. Due to the termites problems the cable company has spent about US$75,000.00 per year only with digging services. The total maintenance cost reached US$700,000.00, and the underground cable system became out of serviceuntitled

Termirepel™ is a non- toxic, non- hazardous and ecofriendly anti termite masterbatch for polymeric applications specifically for use in wires and cable applications.

untitledIt can be incorporated in wire and cables and does not hinder the properties of the applications. The repellence effect of Termirepel™ causes an unpleasant reaction in the termites. This helps to protect the wires & cables from this hungry termites in a safe eco friendly way.

Termites eating your wires and cables

Termites are small insects that live in colonies. There are about 4000 species of images (1)termites like subterranean termites, Drywood termites, Formosan termites, Dampwood termites and so on. Termites are known as “Silent Destroyers” as they are secretly hidden and damage without giving any sign of destruction. They can eat 24 hours and 7 days a week non-stop.

Termites like ants secrete Formic Acid which works as their venom; An English naturalist John Ray was the first person who isolated the Formic acid from the ant in 1671. Formic acid is highly acidic and damages wires and cables.

2Termites eat dead plant material, different forms of wood, leaf litter, soil and animal dung. They eat cellulose in its various forms as plant fiber. About 10% of the 4000 species can cause serious structural damage to buildings, crops or plantation forests. Termites try to eat anything which they come across, lead batteries, car tyres, billiard balls and underground telephone and power wires and cables, even soft stone. They also damage telecommunication wire and cables.

Termites make huge nests. In these structures million of termites live. The elaborate structures are made by using a combination of soil, mud, chewed wood/cellulose, saliva and feces.

The economic damages are more than $ 336 billion per year. Most of the control costs are related with agricultural sector. Termites control constitutes 40% of the total business turnover of the Malaysian Pest control industry. These damages are not covered by insurance companies and paid by the owner itself. This shows the large economic damage caused by termites.

termitesSubterranean termites also called are highly destructive termites which causes major structural timber damage to domestic and commercial building in Australia. The damage is estimated to exceed $100 million.

Some of the most destructive termites found in Australia and annually they damage more than 180000 Australia homes or buildings. Coptotermes Acinaciformis is second most destructive termite in Australia and causes the greatest amount structural damage to building, timber structures, electrical wiring. Schedorhinotermes intermedius commonly found in tree stumps is the most artistic termite as they form complex ruts and grooves. Nasutitermes Walkeri prefers to build its nest on either the main truck, on large branch and travel under the ground close to the surface looking for food. Nasutitermes exitiosus builds nest between 300mm-750mm high and can cause damage to hard wood, fences, post and sub floors where the timber are in contact with the earth.

Termites hamper progress in agricultural sector, damage telecommunication wires and cables, gas sector, heritage building, railways. Present generation relies totally on telecommunication, information transfer, signaling in railways and power transmission.

norm_land_kabel-kabelbissTelecommunication wires and cables make life easier; it makes communication easy and accessible. Communication is the heart of industrial development and business sector. Wires and cables are the integral part of life in the running scenario.

The conventional methods like insecticides cannot be used in wiring, as they are not thermally stable. When they are heated, they release harmful gases which can be dangerous for the workers and lead to harmful diseases. These pesticides are not suitable for polymeric cableapplications.

Termirepel™is an excellent solution to the pest problem. Termirepel™ is an anti-termite aversive manufactured by C-Tech Corporation in India. It does not kill termites just keeps them away. It is a non-poisonous, non-harmful and environmental friendly aversive and available in LDPE or EVA forms and it is compatible with all kind of polymers. Its life span is 25-40 years varies from application.

Termirepel™ can be incorporated with the telecommunication wires and cables and protects them effectively from termites attack.

Termite Damage in various sectors

Cellulose being the principal food of termites, wood and wood products, such as paper, fabrics and wood structures are avidly cermionsumed and destroyed by them, anduntitled hence, a constant effort is directed toward their control

The most widely distributed & destructive species by far is subterranean termites which can   cause serious damage to unprotected wood structures. This termite needs warmth & moisture , they obtain this by either nesting in soil or in wood, which is often wet. They are generally found in tropical & subtropical regions because of warmer temperatures.

Wood damage done by termites is often unnoticed because the damage is done untitledinteriorly. To know the damage either the exterior surface should be removed or by tapping on the wooden structure. The vibration of the wooden structure and the hollow sound will give the information about the wood being damaged.

Subterranean termites can be very troublesome when selling a home because lending institutions require houses certified to be termite free before lending money to home buyers. These termites invade thousands of homes every year and millions of dollars are spent to treat the termites.

Termites infest lumber where they first attack the lighter parts of the wood. They leave the dark rings so that they can create galleries that follow the grain of the wood.

Termites are beneficial ecologically. They contribute to decomposition process byuntitled direct consumption of decomposing plant materials, by physical and chemical conditioning the soil they inhabit and by nitrogen fixation. They breakdown dead trees and other wood materials which get accumulated otherwise. The biomass from this process is recycled to the soil.

The species which belongs to genus Coptotermes are highly invasive. They have the ability to enter a building through areas close to the ground. Even through the areas which are inaccessible to inspection, such as through weep holes, fire hearths, service pipe penetrations, expansion joints and cracks through concrete slab-on-ground flooring. Adequate moisture is essential for the survival of termites. Without moisture, termites will desiccate. Therefore, termites need to maintain a high humidity environment within their nest, network of subterranean tunnels and shelter tubes.

untitledIn southern railways, the coaches were fumigated but cockroaches and other insects swarmed into an AC coach leaving passengers travelling bleary-eyed the next morning. They were afraid that these tiny little bugs might get into their ears.

At Northpark shopping centre in Canada, rather than strong winds, termites were the ultimate cause   of a pine tree falling & crushing 5 cars which were parked near it. On inspection from outside, no evidence was found that the tree was poor in health.

untitledTermites colonies have munched away through millions worth of cash at a bank in Uttar Pradesh India. The notes worth around 10 million rupees. Similar such incident took place in Taiwan where termites ate the cash from the safe worth £32,000.

Due to the problems caused by termites an effective solution is needed. Termirepel™ is non toxic, non hazardous and ecofriendly antitermite aversive masterbatch for various different applications. It is completely free of hazardous untitledtoxins like lead, Bifenthrin and copper naphthenate.

Due to the aversive action of Termirepel™, it causes repellence in the termites from target applications. Termirepel is an effective and eco friendly solution

Termirepel™ for Insects

Termirepel™ is a broad spectrum aversive. Apart from termites it also repels more than 600 species of pests including caterpillars, wasps, red and black ants, aphids, leafhoppers, beetles, mites, leaf borers and many more.


Weevils are large insects that attack wine and fruit trees.

Weevils attack over 100 different plant species .They cause large damage to theVine-Weevil crops and are difficult to control.  There have been incidents of certain species of weevils being introduced into areas in which they are not normally found and devastating the crops in that area.

The indications that there are weevils present, are the conspicuous notches around the edges of the leaves of the plant.


Termirepel has been used to treat banana crops to protect them against attack by weevils in South east Asia. Termirepel™  were used in film applications to protect the crops.

Large grain borers cause large damage to crops. Production, safe storage, and IN-LARGER GRAIN BORERconsumption of grain remain a vital part of the world economy. Grain is extensively used in processed food and is an important ingredient in animal feeds.

The largest damage to stored grain and pre-harvested grain is from insects mainly large grain borers. These insects damage maize crops with crop losses of upto 30 % apart from other forms.

Termirepel in grain storage bags and films are being developed to deter large grain borers.


The cockroach is one of the most persistent of all insects. It is capable of surviving in extremely inhospitable environments. Cockroaches are found all over the world and are divided up into roughly 4500 species.

Cockroaches act as a carrier for diseases. They pick up germs on the spines of their legs as they crawl through decaying matter, which may be transferred to humans through food contamination.

Cockroaches are also a cause of asthma and allergy attacks as their droppings, saliva and shed skin contain potent allergens known to trigger allergic reactions and increase asthma symptoms.

Cockroaches are even present in airplanes. An airline faces an inquiry after passengers complained of the cockroach nuisance during the flight.


In the southern railways, the cockroach infestation is a problem as well. Passengers complain of cockroaches present on the seats walls , the floors and even the seats .

Conventional pest control methods are not effective because of the persistent nature of cockroaches and a better solution is needed.

Termirepel  is a sustainable solution to the cockroach menace. C Tech Corporation has undertaken a project with the northern and southern railways to coat the interiors of the coaches with a lacquer based solution of Termirepel


Bedbugs are red-brown, blood-sucking insect that grows up to 7 mm in length andBedBug_photo infest houses, hotels, railways. The bed bug problem has become so widespread in America that The Journal of the American Medical Association published a clinical review on ‘Bed Bugs and Clinical Consequences of Their Bites’.

Bedbugs are easily spread and difficult to eliminate. The use of conventional pesticides is not possible.

In railways there have been cases of the seating and berthing in the coaches being infested with bedbugs. These pose a nuisance to commuters.

Termirepel can be added to the seating and berthing of the coaches to protect against bedbugs. They can also be used in hotels for the same.

Termirepel™ is effective against a variety of species of insects. It is a safe, non toxic and non hazardous aversive and can be easily customized for a number of applications.