Termite damage to wires and cables

The issue of electrical failure of cables due to termite attack has been recognized for over 100 years. Termites will rule the house and will force the resident to evacuate. Sometimes homeowner’s complaint of short circuits without any valid reason for such mess to occur. Several times we come across such a situation where the electric wires and cable are damaged badly by termites.

The termites are unaware of the use of cables and they feed on them by gnawing through electric cables and wire and thus causing damage to the wires and cables. The termites get easily attracted to those old electric wires which contain cellulosic material and these wires which are destroyed has the high possibility of short circuits and power failures and buildup of earthen material around power points. Termites use the electric boards to move from one place to another. If there is termite infestation behind a wall activity then it can prove to be shock or fire hazard.

The subterranean termites are the one which causes a huge amount of damage in electrical sockets; as they fill the sockets with the mud for protecting themselves from their predators. Any accidental contact with such wet sockets can be proving to be a hazard in the form of shock and short circuit.

When it comes to man-made structures such as buildings, termites have been estimated to cause approximately $30 billion in damages. The termites have the ability to produce 10000 new termites each year. This estimates out to be at least four termites each minute!

The evidence for termites damaging cables and wires,
Perth Hills bushfire class action claims power pole that started blaze was in a ‘deplorable’ state
By David Weber
Updated 16 Jul 2018, 3:33pm

A power pole was in a “deplorable” condition before it collapsed, sparking a bushfire in the Hills district which destroyed 57 homes in 2014, a Perth court has been told.

The residents’ lawyer, Lachlan Armstrong, QC, told the court the electricity pole was in a “deplorable” condition due to rot and termite damage, adding that a “modest gust of wind” was enough to cause it to fall.

Mr. Armstrong argued even though the pole was on private property, it was Western Power’s responsibility.

The court heard the pole should have been assessed by a specialist inspector when work was done in the area only two days before the massive bushfire.

10-year-old hospitalized after termite fumigation
By Sara Ganim, CNN
Updated 1839 GMT (0239 HKT) September 5, 2015

A 10-year-old boy is suffering from brain damage after a botched fumigation of his family’s Florida home, according to a family attorney.

Peyton McCaughey and his family fell ill shortly after a Terminix subcontractor, Sunland Pest Control, sprayed their Palm City home for termites on August 14, family attorney Bill Williams said.

The family immediately began feeling ill.

The boy’s uncle, Ed Gribben, told CNN that everyone was vomiting, and Peyton’s condition was even worse.

Gribben said Peyton had trouble standing and speaking, so the family took him to a local clinic where a doctor suspected poisoning from fumigation.

The child, who loves Minecraft and is known for his witty personality and athletic talent, has lost 90% of his motor skills.

He also lost function of his left arm and leg.

Using hazardous pesticides that have a detrimental effect on humans health can cause dangerous diseases like tumors, cancer, asthma etc. Also, the pesticides are not meant to be used with the polymeric applications like wires and cables. So instead of using outdated control measures, we can make use of our products which repels the pest.

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The product temporarily blocks the reproduction system of the insects by hindering the release of the vital hormones for growth.

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Our product in the form of a spray which can be used in kitchen and dining area, storage room, ceilings and panels, lavatory, already installed cables and wires and electronic installations.

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