Bed bugs in the library

Bedbugs are very minute and can be hidden anywhere and since it becomes hard to detect at the early stage of infestation. They hide in the cracks and the crevices. There is the urban myth about bedbugs that they cannot occur in plastic and metal equipment and there is no design, furnishing or material that is resistant to bedbugs. Bedbugs are present on any surface that contains cracks and crevices can provide a harbor for them and making it difficult to detect.

When bedbugs invade libraries and other locations or places where people do not sleep, the nocturnal bedbugs look to feed on people rather than feeding them at night time. Since we all know that a pair of bedbugs can multiply in a short period of time with the large infestation.

There are people entering the libraries on a daily basis where the bedbugs get the opportunities to enter the library and to eat as well as to migrate. The fact that people prefer coming to the library because of the silence and space they get for a long period of time but in the library, the reading tables provide these wingless insects significant opportunities to feed.

The bedbugs carry the greatest risk as the books are returned to the library from all sorts of residences and situations, and therefore the bedbugs can infest the building itself, moving from books to the furniture.

Let us have a look at the evidence,

Bed bug infestation forces Hudson library to temporarily close

HUDSON, Fla. – The Hudson library says it is temporarily closed due to a bed bug infestation. The library located at 8012 Library Road is expected to be closed for 1-2 weeks for fumigation treatment. 

According to the library, staff discovered the bugs in an isolated area of the building two weeks ago. The county used a pest control contractor to begin isolated treatments, but the treatments were not successful, so it decided to close the building a do a full fumigation.

Health officials say bed bugs are not dangerous, but their bites can cause discomfort or an allergic reaction in some people.

Bed Bugs Complaint Closes Milpitas Library       

MILPITAS, CA — The library will remain closed for at least another day upon receiving a report last week from a patron about possible bed bugs in the Santa Clara County facility.

The library told its Facebook readers it ordered an inspection and received information that “localized activity” was detected. This means bed bugs were discovered.

As a precaution, the library will remain closed until the facility has been treated and the issue eliminated.

Termites turn rare books history

Garima Mishra ,  Pune, Sun July 10 2011

Nibhandh Mala written by Vishnu Krishna Chiplunkar in 1917 is a rare book, not available in the market. The only copy of the book available in the 60-year-old Government Divisional Library at Vishrambaug wada may soon end up in the gullets of termites.

Termites have partially eaten its pages. Other rare books like Puratatva Vidya (1976) and Gopal Vishnu Tulpule’s Aristotalchaya Pashchat (1968) are on the verge of being fed by termites, the result of staff shortage, lack of space and neglect. The library houses around 2.5 lakh books on varied genres; poetry, novels, drama, biographies and autobiographies.

Libraries need to develop plans in advance of any infestation.

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