Delicious Dosh – ‘Money Hungry’ Termites feast on piles of cash!

‘Termites are known to cause more than $30 billion damage worldwide.’

They have become the most reputed creatures for damaging the furniture, deterioration of forests, and chewing through books, and cloth. 

Apart from this did you know? These pesky critters also munch a huge chunk of cash!

Well, a termite infestation can pose a serious threat to your pockets. It’s important to know that termites eat both wood and paper, which contain a high level of cellulose. This might cause you to think if any of the paper in your home needs to be protected if you have a termite problem! 

Termites are the most invasive species found on the earth. They are active throughout the day and they feed on 24×7. They grow quickly thus, anything that comes in their way they will feast on it.

Are you curious how these tiny starving species can be a major headache? How they can feast on your savings? So, let’s take a look at it.

Termites eat up currency worth ₹5 lakh

Andhra Pradesh (IN) | February 17, 2021

A pig-rearer who kept currency notes in an iron safe was shocked after noticing that the notes were destroyed by termites in the Krishna district.

B. Jamalaiah of Mylavaram village had saved about ₹5 lakh in an iron box. When he opened the box on Tuesday, he found the notes were completely damaged. Shocked by the heavy loss, the family members were seen crying for help. Police visited his house.

“I planned to construct a house with my savings. But, I was upset as holes were seen on all the notes,” Mr. Jamalaiah said. As Mr. Jamalaiah didn’t have a bank account, he stored the money in the iron box, the villagers said.

Termites eat up ₹2 Lakh Cash Kept In Bank

Gujarat (IN) | January 23, 2021

A man hailing from Vadodara in Gujarat lost Rs 2.20 lakh cash after termites ate up the currency notes kept in his bank locker at the Bank of Baroda branch at Pratap Nagar in the city.

According to the media reports, the man identified as Rehna Qutubddin Desarwal had reportedly kept the cash bundles in locker number 252 which were feasted by termites. The account holder came to know about this when he reached the bank to collect his money.

Shocked by the incident, Desarwal later raised a complaint with the bank manager and demanded his money back. He demanded that the bank refund the money which he lost due to the termites.

While the bank has asked him to give an application to replace the cash, the incident has raised questions about the safety and security of the Bank of Baroda branch.

How termites targeted currency note bundles stacked in a steel chest is still a mystery!

Apart from this in 2016, there were reports of termites destroying a huge amount of donation money in a temple in Bihar. Also in 2011 a major bank in Bihar again was a victim of termite infestation. These incidents proved that money is no longer secured in any lockers!

When it comes to losses, No doubt, Termites are the most expensive species to humankind. Termite infestations are typically recognized only after they have caused large-scale damage. Thus, detecting a termite attack in its preliminary phase is extremely difficult. But precaution is better than cure, you can certainly take some steps to prevent the termites from entering your areas and premises to avoid monetary losses.

There are many anti-termite treatments available in the market but it requires a repeated application and harmful contents of these insecticides are not safe for children and pets. Also as a side effect, improper use of these treatments will lead to spreading the termites in other areas.

So then what’s the solution? How you can save your investment?

Well, to deal with the menace caused by these tiny critters we at C Tech Corporation have come up with EU-BPR-approved, eco-friendly and non-hazardous solution.

C Tech Corporation offers a range of non-toxic, non-hazardous anti-insect aversive, which can be successfully used to keep termites away!

TermirepelTM is an insect aversive repellent, used also against all types of insects. It works on the mechanism of repellency which means that it does not kill the target insects but only repel them, thus balancing the ecology and helping to maintain a sustainable environment.

TermirepelTM is available in various forms such as masterbatch, liquid concentrate, lacquer gel, wood polish additive, and spray.

TermirepelTM is available in a liquid concentrate, which can be mixed with paints in a specific ratio and applied on the walls, instruments, equipment, etc.

TermirepelTM is available as lacquer, which is a topical application and it is compatible with most of the surfaces like polymer, metal, ceramic, wood, etc. so it can be applied directly in lockers, drawers, or cabinets where you can store your money safely.

TermirepelTM is available as a wood polish additive that can be applied directly on wooden furniture to prevent the entrance of termites into lockers or drawers.

TermirepelTM is available as a ready-to-use spray that is so convenient and it can be sprayed easily on any application!

By using TermirepelTM you will get an effective solution against termites and other insects.

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