Bedbugs invading theaters

Just the thought of bedbugs is enough to make most people’s skin crawl, and finding them at the theater when you need some relaxation and fun time with your family and friends can really be annoying.

Bed bugs are nocturnal eaters, and will rarely bite humans during the day. But a movie theater is an ideal place for them to crawl even at day time due to the darkness while a movie is being played. Bed bugs prefer to come out of hiding when carbon dioxide levels rise, and that this is usually when we’re sleeping deeply, they can come out at any time. In the case of theaters, this may be one of the key reasons for the development of infestations since it is dark inside the auditorium. But, more than anything else, there is food in movie theaters. No, we’re not talking about popcorn and candy. Bed bugs eat blood. While you’re enjoying your concession food, those bed bugs may be enjoying you.

You can pay for the highest/costliest ticket available and still you may worry about the possibility of being bitten by the bedbugs.

Health department confirms bed bugs at Marion movie theater

November 15th 2018

MARION, Ind. (WTHR) – The Grant County Health Department has confirmed investigators found evidence of bed bugs at a Marion movie theater.

The department told our partners at the Marion Chronicle-Tribune the theater tested positive during an inspection last Friday. An Indianapolis pest control company found bed bug casings in one of four theaters tested at the AMC Classic theater and bed bug eggs in one chair of another theater in the building.

The company treated the chairs where evidence of bed bugs was found, as well as the surrounding seats.

The Chronicle-Tribune reported Tuesday night no other signs of bed bugs were found anywhere else in the theater. That leads inspectors to believe someone with an infestation at home brought the bugs into the theater.

Monday night, a Marion woman told Eyewitness News she was bitten all over her back and arms after going to a movie at the AMC Classic theater.

“About halfway through, she said she felt like something bite her,” recalled Dylan Stephenson, whose girlfriend, Adriana Wisner, was the victim of the bites.

Wisner and Stephenson said they left halfway through the movie. Now, they’re concerned they may have brought the bugs home.

Bedbugs ruin family outing at Phoenix movie theater

January 15 2018

There is another report of bedbugs making their way into a Phoenix movie theater.

It is not the first time this has happened at a movie theater, and in this particular incident, the mother isn’t thrilled with the lack of communication from the theater involved.

The mother, who did not want to be identified on camera, said her family went to an afternoon showing of Paddington Bear at the Harkins Theatres at Christown Mall. During the course of the movie, she said her kids started itching inside the theater, and it was only after the movie that they put their heads together and figured out what it was.

The woman said she did receive a full refund on the tickets to the movie, but wanted to spread awareness around the Valley.

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