TermirepelTM is designed particularly for polymer applications. TermirepelTM molecules are stable up to 1400oC which can withstand almost all polymer processing temperatures.

As (air) temperature increases, vapour hazards will increase. The vapours from many pesticides increase three to four times for each 10°C increase in temperature.

This is one reason why pesticides should be stored away from sunlight, and why it is typically recommended that pesticides not be applied when air temperatures are above 30°C.

Extrusion temperatures are as high as 100-300oC.

termirepel_rodent damage line termirepel_world line termirepel_denaturants
TermirepelTM has been developed for application in the construction, agricultural and plastics industry. Thus it caters to a wide ranging and diverse portfolio of applications effectively and consistently.

The European Union Restriction on the use of certain Hazardous Substances Directive came into force on July 1, 2006. From this date on, producers of certain categories of electrical and electronic equipment will not be able to place on the market any new products.
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