Incorporated within its chemistry are a unique set of compounds which provide TermirepelTM with an effective method to keep away termites and insects in general while at the same time causing no harm to the target as well as the non target species, human beings and the environment. TermirepelTM follows a systematic 6 pronged strategy which is extremely effective against insects and even other animals. Here is how:
TermirepelTM acts as a aversive by way of which the application when treated with the same merely keeps the termites/insects away rather than killing them.
TermirepelTM triggers an unpleasant reaction within any termites which might try to feed on the aplication, ensuring that it is kept away from feeding on the treated area.
It temporarily impairs the ability of insects to reproduce, i.e. the female will not lay eggs. This in turn restricts the growth of the colony thus containing the scope of destruction.
It temporarily blocks the reproduction system of the insects by hindering the release of the vital hormones for growth. This impairs the growth cycle of the insects thus preventing them from reaching maturity. This is a temporary effect which lasts as long as the insect is in contact with the treated area and it is lifted once the insects move away from the same.
It temporarily inhibit the mating cycle of the termites.
Temporarily hampers the reproduction cycle of insects by sterilization.
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TermirepelTM is designed particularly for polymer applications. Termirepel™ molecules are stable up to 1400oC which can withstand almost all polymer processing temperatures. As (air) temperature increases, vapour hazards will increase.

TermirepelTM has been developed for application in the construction, agricultural and plastics industry. Thus it caters to a wide ranging and diverse portfolio of applications effectively and consistently.
The European Union Restriction on the use of certain Hazardous Substances Directive came into force on July 1, 2006. From this date on, producers of certain categories of electrical and electronic equipment will not be able to place on the market any new products.
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