TermirepelTM has been extensively tested for its efficiency against termites and insects both in house as well as by reputed government testing institutes such as Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad etc. and has been found to be extremely effective against the latter. The active life of TermirepelTM ranges from 5-40 years and it is on an average found to be effective for about 15 years. This varies from application to application.
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TermirepelTM follows a unique 6 pronged strategy aimed at repelling termites and insects from the application, thus safeguarding the latter and prolonging the active life of the same. The same is affected in a manner which is effective while at the same time not harmful to the environment, human beings.
TermirepelTM is designed particularly for polymer applications. Termirepel™ molecules are stable up to 1400oC which can withstand almost all polymer processing temperatures. As (air) temperature increases, vapour hazards will increase.
TermirepelTM has been developed for application in the construction, agricultural and plastics industry. Thus it caters to a wide ranging and diverse portfolio of applications effectively and consistently.
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