Protecting Hospitals from Insect Menace!

download (1)Insect control in hospitals and health care facilities presents a real challenge. Hospitals require higher levels of hygiene than most other facilities. The presence of insects in hospitals can cause the spread of dangerous diseases, loss of life, damage to modern equipments, monetary losses etc.

Insect infestation in hospitals is an extremely serious issue. With cockroaches, the close association with filth makes them potential transmitters of a plethora of diseases, such as dysentery, salmonella, cholera and tuberculosis. The risk of secondary infections in a hospital increases exponentially in the presence of cockroaches.

Ants are looked up as potential vectors of diseases by carrying the bacteria such as Pseudomonas and Salmonella, as they have a propensity to feed on variety of food, like soiled linen, excrement and septic dressings.

Mosquitoes are responsible for the weakened immune systems of most patients in a hospital and other healthcare facilities and there is an increase in risk of fatalities through Malaria, Dengue and other mosquito transmitted diseases. Diseases, like Chikungunya, where mosquitoes spread the disease from infected to healthy persons, can easily go out of control in hospitals.

Bed bugs, on the other hand are very commonly encountered pests in hospitals because of their busy nature and other healthcare facilities. The mobility of flies coupled with their potential to spread pathogens and bacteria, makes them a high risk pest in hospitals. The larvae of some fly species are known to infest human flesh through open wounds causing myasis.

Let us have a look at some news articles pertaining to insect menace in hospitals

  • Indore: Cockroach in corona patient’s meal at MRTB triggers anger
    Indore: A cockroach was found in the meal of a Covid-19 infected patient at MRTB Hospital triggering anger among other patients at the dedicated medical facility for coronavirus patients.

    Director of the agency, that has the food contract, reached the hospital and assured of getting the incident probed.

    When the meal was served in the morning, one patient complained that there was a cockroach in his plate. Initially, employees of the Khajrana Ganesh Temple society, who are supplying the food at MRTB Hospital and other hospitals associated with MGM Medical College, rejected the allegation that it was a cockroach and claimed that it was some ingredient. This further angered the patients.

  • Indianapolis man allegedly catches bed bug on camera at IU Methodist Hospital
    FOX 59, Indianapolis, USA

An Indianapolis man is speaking out against IU Methodist Hospital after he says he found a bed bug crawling on his wife’s hospital gown, just hours after she gave birth.

  • Ants and Flies Causing Nuisance At Tayside Hospitals
    January 2nd 2016,, UK

Creepy crawlies and flies are among the many pests causing a nuisance in hospitals and care facilities across Tayside. Details released by NHS Tayside in response to a Freedom of Information request have documented pest control incidents across the last two years. NHS Tayside has a local pest control contract in place and is called out to deal with outbreaks of pests as they occur. The total cost associated with the services of the outside pest control agency between 29 November 2013 and October 7 2014 was £67,124.94. From November 1 2014 to November 9 2015, costs had dropped substantially to £16,003.20.The total spend from November 2013 to October 2014 included £40,000 of “proactive spend”.

The conventional methods that are being used in the hospitals to get rid of insect menace include periodic fumigation which is an expensive, tedious and time consuming process. Because insects are becoming increasingly resistant to the conventional toxic and hazardous insecticides, the traditional pest control methods recommended by many pest control businesses no longer work. Therefore, we are in dire need of an infallible plan to combat the problem of increasing number of insects.

At C Tech Corporation, we provide a safe and non-toxic solution to deal with this issue. Our product Termirepel™ is non-hazardous, environment-friendly product that helps to keep insects at bay. However, the best feature of the product is that it does not kill the target species! In fact, it is completely safe for the target as well as non-target species. These innovative products, in masterbatch form, can be incorporated with wires and cables of various medical equipment, which would protect these expensive equipments from insects found in hospitals. Various PVC surfaces can also be coated with our product in lacquer form which would ensure complete protection against these creatures. The hospital premises such as canteens, operation theatres etc. can be also be kept safe by coating the surfaces in lacquer form.

The Termirepel™ insect repellent spray is an easy to use product and compatible with most of the surfaces.

Hence by using Termirepel™ in the hospitals, you can get rid of the bedbugs and other insects and thereby making a pleasant stay for the guests.

You may also use our CombirepelTM product which is all in one pest repellent effective in repelling rodents, insects, and birds.

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