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downloadWe know they are watching and waiting for the first opportunity to attack the food shelves. These unwanted and deliberately ignored pests in our houses are the cockroaches. We may be proactive about all the other stuff in the house but in case of these creepy creatures, we often prefer to turn a blind eye. The reason being all the tried and tested methods to rid them from our homes and effectively our lives have proven futile. Cockroaches are one stubborn species to eradicate. They show a fascinating and unbelievable knack for survival against all odds that is almost enviable. And they are not just in our houses but everywhere, where they can find food.

download (1)It is this habit of theirs that poses a huge problem for us. They will happily scurry towards whatever food they can lay their eyes on. And once they walk across some rotting matter (or fecal waste) some of the bacteria present in that waste gets transferred onto their feet and legs. Roaches seem to be immune to most things and their general foraging allows them to transfer that bacterium to places and things that they share with humans. It is this activity of theirs which can turn potentially dangerous for us humans. One may ask why so?

Well it is simple really, certain proteins (called allergens) found in cockroach feces; saliva and body parts can cause allergic reactions or trigger asthma symptoms, especially in children. An allergic reaction can quickly spiral out of hand and turn fatal.

The below article paints a horrifying picture of a child’s encounter with this pest where he least expected it.

Cardiff City Road restaurant found infested with salmonella-carrying cockroaches

The owner was seen sweeping some off the counter when inspectors arrived

By Bronte Howard, 16th July 2020

A popular City Road café in the Welsh capital was closed down after around 100 cockroaches were discovered in the kitchen and dining area.

The insects were found at Mr Tikka on City Road in Roath, Cardiff, when council officers carried out an unannounced routine inspection on May 7 of last year.

When officers arrived, the owner, Rubi Begum, was seen sweeping two live insects off the counter and white powder – believed to be an insecticide – was on the kitchen floor.

More insects, including German cockroaches, which pose a significant health risk, were later discovered in the kitchen and dining area where customers were eating.

Child’s horror at discovering cockroach baked into crust of pizza in horrific breach of hygiene standards that led to closure of filthy takeaway business

By Olivia Williams

The owner of an infested takeaway restaurant has been fined after a child found a cockroach baked into their pizza crust.

Matloob Hussain, 44, was ordered to shut down his business after the bugs were discovered scuttling around in pans, inside chiller cabinets and running up the wall.

Cooking equipment and surfaces were filthy and covered in year’s worth of dirt, grease and food debris, Leeds Magistrates’ Court heard.

Bags of mouldy doner kebab meat were on the floor and food was found stored directly on filthy surfaces at Munchies takeaway at 21 Harehills Road in Leeds.

It was immediately closed down by environmental health officers when they saw the state of the food preparation areas.

Derek Hallam, prosecuting, said a child’s father reported the matter on August 22 last year after one of his children spotted the insect in a pizza.

Situated near the city centre, the American-style takeaway is used as a regular treat by residents in the Harehills area of Leeds.

Its website offers ‘special calzones’ and ‘vegetable calzones’ as its specialities.

Hussain was fined £750 and ordered to pay £1,250 court costs after pleading guilty to eight offences relating to failing to keep his premises clean.

Justice of the Peace Bill Baker said: ‘What we have heard this morning has been a stomach-churning horror story.

‘We are due to have lunch in three-quarters of an hour but I think we will skip it now.’

Speaking after the hearing, Councillor Mark Dobson said: ‘Munchies took the idea of a stuffed crust pizza to a whole new level.’

Looking at this appalling article one is forced to wonder if the little kid will ever be able to have a pizza again in his life. This one surely left a bad taste in his mouth.

These roaches need to be dealt with. One very important and essential way of doing it is maintaining proper hygiene at all times at all places especially in places like eateries where food is abundant and supervision is lacking. Other conventional methods include the use of potentially toxic and dangerous chemicals as insecticides and pesticides. But the use of these chemicals though conventional should be stopped as there is a chance of human contact and food contamination.

The times has come for doing all things unconventional, and go for another alternative a better, non-toxic, non-hazardous one at that. Termirepelis non-toxic and non-hazardous insect/termite repellent. It works on the concept of green chemistry and has a mechanism to repel the target species and not kill them. Termirepel™ is available in the form of lacquer and can be applied to wooden articles such as door frames, food storage cupboards, etc. It can also be incorporated in the paint to be applied to galvanized and such other surfaces.  The Termirepel™ insect repellent spray is an easy to use product and compatible with most of the surfaces. Termirepel™ can thus help us effectively keep cockroaches away from our food as well as our lives!

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