Battling the lanternfly infestation!

Spotted lanternflies have been around for quite a few months and we had discussed certain solutions in one of our previous blogs.

Because spotted lanternfly, a phloem feeder, consumes large quantities of a plant’s sugary sap looking for nitrogen and amino acids, it expels large quantities of excess sugar (honeydew), that encourages the growth of black sooty mold. This mold is harmless to people, however it causes damage to plants.

A recent study says that:

Spotted lanternfly treatment poses threat to non-target wildlife species

by Samantha York

CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WJAC) – A preventative measure used to stop the spotted lanternfly is now raising concerns among wildlife rehabilitators across Pennsylvania, especially in southeastern parts of the state.

Rehabilitators, like Centre Wildlife Care Executive Director Robyn Graboski, warn that while sticky bands are effective in catching the insect, they also pose a serious threat to non-target species, “It’s bad. It’s really bad. There’s already so much in the environment that’s detrimental to wildlife and our birds are declining in numbers. They do not need one more thing.”

She explains the treatment is becoming a trap for other wildlife, “The biggest problem that rehabilitators are seeing is, once these finders find these animals, they try to get the animals off themselves. That is not a good idea because you could pull feathers out, you could break skin, you could hurt the animals. Even little animals are coming in with broken bones.”

Trapping the insects or using some pesticides won’t help. Now, we no longer have to depend on conventional, toxic insecticides to deal with these pests!

We need a long-term and effective solution to control their nuisance.

TermirepelTM, an insect aversive repellent is a C Tech Corporation product which is a solution to prevent the infestation against these pesky little black flies.

TermirepelTM liquid concentrate can be diluted in paints in a specific ratio that can be applied to the concrete fences around farms, homes, etc. to keep the lanternflies away.

TermirepelTM lacquer can be coated as a topical application on the surface of the wood, concrete metal, etc. It can be applied on the tree trunks to keep these pests at a bay.

Besides this, we offer Termirepel™ masterbatches that can be added to tree guards, agricultural film, pipes, even cables to protect them from the ravaging insects.

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