The voracious fall armyworm

Fall Armyworm (FAW) (Spodoptera frugiperda) is an insect pest that feeds on more than 80 crop species, causing damage to economically important cultivated cereals such as maize, rice, sorghum, and to legumes as well as vegetable crops and cotton.

It is native to tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas and a high infestation can lead to significant yield loss.

The voracious, inch-long fall armyworm, the larval form of the armyworm moth, can breed rapidly, spread great distances and is hugely difficult to eradicate.

The adult moth can move over 100 km per night, this is a precise reason why the infestation has spread across within a short span of time.

The larva is the damaging stage of the insect.

In recent years the armyworm has ruined agricultural produce across Africa and the Americas, where it originated and has now begun to march across Asia and wipe out the crops.

In some parts of Africa, up to 70% of crops were destroyed by the armyworm, causing as much as $6 billion in damage across the continent.

Fall armyworm attack caused Rs 20cr crop loss in Mizoram

PTI Aizawl | May 07, 2019

Fall Armyworm, a deadly and invasive pest | File Photo

The outbreak of Fall armyworm has affected maize cultivation in 122 villages.

Mizoram government has informed the Centre about an estimated crop loss of Rs 20 crore caused by an outbreak of the ‘Fall armyworm’ (FAW) in the state, a minister said on Tuesday.

The outbreak caused by Spodoptera Frugiperda, an insect, has affected maize cultivation in 1,747.9 hectares in 122 villages, state Agriculture minister C Lalrinsanga said.

The state government has constituted a Rapid Response Team to monitor the outbreak and take measures to mitigate the loss of crops, he said.

Meanwhile, state Agriculture Department Director Rohmingthanga Colney said that chemical pesticides and organic ones were being used to kill the worm in maize fields.

Asia on alert as highly destructive fall armyworm spreads


By: Trudy Harris

[BANGKOK] Farmers and authorities throughout Asia need to be vigilant against fall armyworm invasions, after confirmation that the fast-moving pest has spread from India to China and now to South-East Asia, agricultural experts say.  

The highly destructive moth (Spodoptera frugiperda), native to North and South America, has been steadily moving east since 2016, causing up to US$3 billion worth of damage to maize and other crops in Africa, according to reports. The pest reached India in July last year before hitting Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

“During the last 6—7 months, fall armyworm has spread from India to China, and will continue to spread in China. It has reached Myanmar and Thailand and it will also spread to Vietnam sooner or later,” says Hans Dreyer from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The worm is causing havoc across the fields in the Asian countries and has already wiped out the production in American and African continent.

What can be an effective solution to this menace?

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The product works on the mechanism of repellency. It temporarily inhibits the mating cycle of the insects. The product impairs the ability of the insects to reproduce, that is the insects will not lay eggs or the laid eggs will be infertile. The product causes feeding disruption in an insect by triggering an unpleasant reaction within the insect which might try to feed on the application. The product temporarily blocks the reproduction system of the insects by hindering the release of the vital hormones for growth.

Termirepel™ is available in the form of Masterbatch, liquid concentrate, lacquer, and wood polish additives.

Termirepel™ Masterbatch is specially made for polymeric applications and used as additives in their processing time. It can be incorporated into polymeric applications like agricultural films and mulches, irrigation pipes, tree guards, greenhouse films, etc. used for crop cultivation purpose. The product can be incorporated into the cables, and other applications used for agriculture.

Termirepel™ liquid concentrate is to be mixed in paints in pre-determined proportion and then applied on the concrete fences around farms. It can be used on the interior and exterior of storehouses used to store food grains and other agricultural produce.

Termirepel™ lacquer can be directly applied to applications such as wooden fences, already installed pipes, wires, cables, etc.

The wood polish additive can be mixed with wood polish and then applied on wooden fences and other articles for protection.

TermirepelTM insect repellent spray can be used to keep these armyworms and other insects from causing damage to the crops and equipment.

The repelling mechanism of the product would debar the worm and other insects that could damage the crops. Thus Termirepel™ is the best protection against these invasive fall armyworms.

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