Bedbugs at schools

Bed bugs are known to show up in public places, as well as homes. Libraries, offices, hospitals, and public transportation are just a few of the sites that can be plagued by bed bugs. Unfortunately, schools are no exception.

As more and more homes are infested with bed bugs, the bugs may be carried by students or staff into schools. The issue of bed bugs in a school can be emotional and generate anxiety in parents, students, and school staff.

While bedbugs thrive in darkness and need still surroundings, which is not the case in school. But they can get into the school through staff or students belongings.

There are many species of bed bugs, and they all feed on blood. Presence of bedbugs in areas of schools can be extremely disturbing and severe. The bedbugs can spread through children’s belongings and cause a serious epidemic.

Philadelphia charter school closed Thursday due to bed bugs, officials say

April 12, 2019

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Some students in Philadelphia have the day off on Thursday due to the presence of bed bugs. 

School officials at Southwest Leadership Academy sent letters home to parents saying the school will need to be closed for 24 hours to get rid of bed bugs.

The bed bugs were found in classrooms.

The letter encourages parents to contact the health department if bed bugs are discovered inside their home.

Bedbugs sighted at Clay High School

By: Shannon Nolan │ March 1, 2019

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—South Bend Community School Corporation said Friday that there have been recent bedbug sightings at Clay High School.

School officials said the building will be treated over the weekend to keep the bedbugs from spreading throughout the school.

What can be an efficient way to keep these tiny bugs away from the schools in the first place?

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Termirepel™ is available in the form of a spray, liquid concentrate, lacquer, wood polish additive, and masterbatch.

The Termirepel™ insect repellent spray is an easy to use product and compatible with most of the surfaces.

The liquid concentrate can be mixed in paints in a pre-determined ratio and be applied to the interior and exterior of schools, ceilings, classrooms, staffrooms, washrooms, canteens, etc. to repel bedbugs and other insects from the area required.

Our product in the form of lacquer can be directly applied to the already installed application such as furniture, wooden articles, sewage pipes, wires, cables, etc. The lacquer is compatible with most of the surfaces like metal, wood, concrete, polymer, ceramic, etc. wood polish additive can be mixed with wood polish and then applied on wooden articles and objects to protect them from insect attack.

Masterbatch can be incorporated into polymeric applications like water pipes, wires, cables, polymeric equipment from schools, etc. This would result in the final application being insect repellent.

Our product is ROHS, ROHS2, APVMA, NEA, EU BPR compliant and FIFRA exempted.

Hence by using Termirepel™ in schools, you can get rid of the bedbugs and other insects.

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