Ash trees under threat

Street trees keep the city cooler, reduce the runoff to the winter, and provide aesthetic benefits. We have to have trees in the city to make it a livable place.

The ash tree was thought to have medicinal and mystical properties and the wood was burned to ward off evil spirits. In Norse Viking mythology, ash was referred to as the ‘Tree of Life’. Even today it is sometimes known as the ‘Venus of the woods’. In Britain they regard ash as a healing tree. 

But in the recent times, this tree is under the threat of the emerald ash borer (EAB) beetle attack.

More than 60 million ash trees, ranging from one inch to five feet in diameter, have been killed by EAB in the southeast Michigan area alone and tens of millions throughout other states and Canada.

Once EAB populations begin to build, nearly all ash trees in the forest, swamp or urban area are likely to become infested and die — often within a time span of only a few years.

The EAB larvae bore into the ash tree and feed under the bark, leaving tracks visible underneath. The feeding disrupts the tree’s ability to transport water and nutrients, resulting in dieback and bark splitting.

Recent news reported were:

Ash Borer Threat To Continue In Manitoba Despite The Cold

Written by Connor Gerbrandt │ February 28th 2019

It looks like emerald ash borers will continue to be a problem in Manitoba, despite the extremely cold weather we had in Southern Manitoba.

Many people were hoping the twin polar vortexes that brought nearly a month of frigid weather would drive the invasive species extinct within the province. Unfortunately, Manitoba Sustainable Development says this will not be the case.

“What we do know is that the cold weather will kill some of the ash borers,” says Pest Management Biologist Fiona Ross “but we also know that it will not kill them all.”

The emerald ash borer is roughly the diameter of a penny and can burrow underneath the bark of trees.

According to Ross, recent in-lab testing shows that roughly 75% of the ash borers die at temperatures colder than minus 30. However, she acknowledges that in a real-world scenario that number is likely much lower.

Emerald ash borer has spread so much in NH that quarantines are no longer worth it

By  David Brooks | September 4, 2018 

This is not a paintball target.

Five years after the invasive insect known as the emerald ash borer was first spotted in Concord, it has spread so far throughout the state that officials may end the quarantine which tried to contain it.

The move would not be a surprise since scores of other states have tried and failed to stop the spread of the beetle known as EAB, which can fly five miles or more at a time.

Insecticides and some biological control practices are being implemented but these have proved to be ineffective.

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