Tarnished Plant bugs damaging strawberries

The strawberries are known as the queen of fruit in Asia. It is packed with Vitamin C, fiber, folic acid, manganese, potassium, antioxidants and is cholesterol free, they are low in calories.

Strawberries also contain significant amounts of phytonutrients and flavonoids which make them bright. They have been used in the medical context throughout history to help with the digestive system, whiten teeth and skin rashes or irritations.

There are different pests that infest and damage strawberry plants, out of which the tarnished plant bugs are the most attracted bugs towards strawberries, they are also known as lygus bugs.

Strawberries continuously bloom and produce fruit during the entire season and require more attention. Some strawberry growers say that rather than farming, growing strawberries is more like gardening.

Tarnished plant bug infestation produces distorted or cat faced fruit, this damage is caused due to feeding by nymphs as fruit develop. Nymphs puncture individual seeds and inject a growing strawberry seed with a toxin since at the point of injection the strawberry will stop developing as this will result in deformed strawberries.

Deformed strawberries don’t resemble like a normal strawberry they look different and they are also known as button or nubbins berries. Unlike the normal one, the deformed strawberries can contain scars, broken skin, while some are with mold or decay or those that are either undeveloped or too ripe. The damaged seeds are brown on the outer side and hollow on the inside.

Let us have a look at evidence,

Vacuuming up one tough bug

Different crops can be attacked by different pests, but the quarter-inch-long critter known as the lygus bug has a broad appetite. More than 200 plants may be hosts for lygus, causing damage to many California crops.

Lygus bugs, also known as western tarnish bugs, damage strawberry fruit by puncturing individual seeds; in turn, this stops development of the berry in the area surrounding the feeding site. The result is an irregularly shaped berry, also known as “cat-faced,” for the resulting damage can look like a feline face.

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