Bedbugs in hotels

Is it possible to tell that the bed on which u sleep is infested with bed bugs? The real truth is, it can be difficult to spot beg bugs especially during the day as they are nocturnal and their nests which are very tiny will be hidden within the dark crevices under the bed. Since bedbugs got their name for a reason as they tend to live around bed or mattress.

People believe that only the unhygienic and the dirty hotels get bedbugs but the truth is that all hotels get bedbugs. Whether it would be the cheapest hotel or the five star one, all hotels get bed bugs from time to time. Therefore any hotel in the world can be infested with bed bugs.

These little bedbugs have nothing to do with the hygiene they can simply enter by someone’s luggage and can make their home in the beds enjoying a meal that is feeding on our blood while we are sleeping.

Let’s have a look at some of the evidence,

Disneyland Hotel guest ‘absolutely butchered’ by bedbugs

Ivy Eldridge, who visited the park with her family in April 2018, is claiming she suffered both physical and emotional damage after waking up at Anaheim’s Disneyland Hotel covered in bedbug bites, according to a lawsuit filed earlier last week, The Los Angeles Times and Fox News report.

Ms Eldridge also claims she required medical treatment following the incident.

Ms Eldridge’s lawyer Brian Virag, of legal firm My Bed Bug Lawyer, Inc, filed the lawsuit on her behalf, and named Walt Disney Co. and Disney Parks and Resorts as defendants in addition to Disneyland Hotel.

“People put trust in the Disney name and pay top dollar to stay at Disneyland Hotel. In this case, Ms Eldridge’s trust was betrayed,” Mr Virag said in an article posted to the My Bed Bug Lawyer website.

“This was not a situation where a person sustained one or two bites. Ms Eldridge was bitten throughout her body, including, but not limited to her face, ears, neck, arms, and back.

“She was absolutely butchered.”

The lawsuit further claims that Disneyland was aware of the bedbug infestation, but did not take the appropriate steps to rectify it.

A spokesperson for Disneyland did not comment on the lawsuit but told Fox News the resort took “extensive preventive measures” to keep guests safe.

Holidaymakers attacked by BEDBUGS left ‘mentally scarred’ after infestation at four-star hotel ruins £2,000 trip

A British couple say they were left traumatised after they were bitten by bedbugs during their Spanish getaway.

Sue and John Berry claim to have suffered dozens of bites all over their bodies at a four-star hotel just three days into their two-week, £2,000 holiday.

The retirees are now so fearful of the parasitic insects that they haven’t been on holiday since then.

And they claim that they have been “passed from pillar to post“after complaining to the tour operator who sold them the trip.

Sue told the Liverpool Echo that she and her husband were left “mentally scarred” and embarrassed as strangers stared at their bites.

The couple, from Melling, Merseyside, went on the trip to Levante Park Hotel in Cala Bona, Majorca, in August last year after booking with Tui Gold (formerly Thomson Gold).

They said the company hasn’t responded to their latest correspondence.

Sue, 63, said: “It was my husband’s first holiday away in ten years and within a couple of days it was ruined. I had bites all over my body and he had them on his legs.

“They were on my neck and chest. We looked like we had a disease. I was really embarrassed and it felt like everyone was looking at us.”

Sue said that she was told by a maid that the bites were the work of bedbugs that had infested the room.

At one stage the “infestation” got so bad Sue said they woke up in the middle of the night and could feel the bugs crawling on them.

She added: “We asked to move rooms and they said the hotel was full and it wasn’t possible.

“I was so exhausted and started to cry with frustration as we were covered in bites and it was so sore and uncomfortable.

“That night we sprayed the bed with something the maid had given us but woke up and could see the bugs crawling over us and the bed.“

Since returning home Sue said she and her 67-year-old husband are yet to go on another holiday for fear of wasting their money and being affected again.

with the ongoing pandemic, here’s a piece of sad news to all the travelers:

Hotel warning: Guests urged to prepare for ‘starving and aggressive’ bed bugs in hotels

HOTEL holidays and stays in a B&B are much loved by British tourists but enjoying a break in these accommodation types now come comes with a warning – of very hungry bed bugs. This is what you need to know.


June 25, 2020 

Hotel and B&B guests are being urged to prepare for an invasion of bed bugs. Holidays in the UK can return from July 4, according to an announcement by Prime Minister Boris Johnson this week. However, although holiday accommodation has been lying empty for the past few months, travellers do still need to take care when it comes to bed bugs and follow the right travel advice.

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