How bedbug infestation affects the human body and mind

Bed bugs are the insects that are very tiny resemble a pear seed in appearance with no wings. They are also known as the bloodsuckers as after feeding on blood they become expanded and turn dark red. The bed bugs lay eggs which are unable to see by our naked eyes as the size of the egg is like a pinhead which is present in crack and crevices of furniture, mattresses, clothing behind baseboards and in chairs.etc. Bed bugs have a one-year lifespan during which time females can lay up to 200-400 eggs. Eggs hatch in about 10 days and they are the 1/4th inch long.

The speed of bed bugs is very quick that they can climb on anything and usually they feed at night and hide during the day. Bed bugs usually feed once a week but can survive for up to 14 months without eating.

Bites aren’t usually felt since the insect injects an anesthetic that is mixed with their saliva. Individual response to bites varies, and some people do not react at all. Bites usually appear as small, raised, red lesions.

They may cause itching and scratching which could lead to infection. There is no concrete scientific evidence that they carry blood-borne diseases such as Hepatitis B or C, or HIV.

What other health problems can occur:

  • Respiratory problem:
    They often shed their skin and leave behind egg particles and other waste, which can mix with the air. When these inhaled, they can interfere with the respiratory system of a person and result in respiratory problems.
  • Infection problem:
    When the bed bug bites which not only cause discomfort but also lead to itching and constantly scratching will cause wounds as well as the skin infection.
  • Allergic reaction:
    Hypersensitivity to the bites could lead to anaphylactic shock, which is both dangerous and life-threatening.
  • Weakened Immune System:
    Bed bugs bites are itchy and so the person could not be able to sleep properly due to which it affects the immune system.

The below news article gives the evidence for the Bed bugs nuisance,

Holidaymakers attacked by BEDBUGS left ‘mentally scarred’ after infestation at four-star hotel ruins £2,000 trip
Jenny Kirkham from Mirror

A British couple says they were left traumatized after they were bitten by bedbugs during their Spanish getaway.

Sue and John Berry claim to have suffered dozens of bites all over their bodies at a four-star hotel just three days into their two-week, £2,000 holiday.

The retirees are now so fearful of the parasitic insects that they haven’t been on holiday since then.

And they claim that they have been “passed from pillar to post“ after complaining to the tour operator who sold them the trip.

Sue told the Liverpool Echo that she and her husband were left “mentally scarred” and embarrassed as strangers stared at their bites.

 Horrified mother finds BED BUGS in the daughter’s hospital ward after the near-fatal asthma attack

Erin Ortega says she found bed bugs in her daughter’s hospital room at Banner Desert Hospital in Mesa, Arizona, on Monday night

After alerting hospital workers, the family was moved to another room

But Ortega says that in the second room she found two more bed bugs

Bed bugs do not carry disease, but their bites can cause discomfort and they are difficult to eradicate

A mother says she found bed bugs in her daughter’s hospital room in Arizona.

Erin Ortega and her wife had been switching on and off spending nights with their daughter in the ICU at Banner Desert Hospital in Mesa after she suffered a near-fatal asthma attack.

It’s unclear how long she has been in the hospital or how long she will remain there because the severity of asthma attacks can vastly differ from patient to patient.

On Monday night, while preparing for bed, Ortega told Fox 10 that they noticed a bed bug on the sheets the hospital provided.

After switching rooms, they were horrified to discover that the bed bugs were lurking in several rooms in the hospital.

Ortega says she alerted hospital workers to the bed bug discovering.

The family was then moved to another room but was told it was for ‘staffing reasons’, although it was never fully explained what this meant.

The couple decided to check the room to see if there were any more of the insects.

‘Sure enough, there was another bed bug on the floor behind the recliner, as well as a dead one that was stuck to the chair,’ Ortega told Fox 10.

The couple says they’re worried about their daughter’s well-being as well as of other patients on the ICU floor.

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