Cockroaches – Everywhere!

Yes, the roaches irrelevant of which of the species they may belong to, they are undeniably among the most common pests found all over the world.

They are deemed as a nuisance because of several reasons.

They spread the filth and unpleasant odor in the surrounding areas as they usually leave in close association with people. They also ruin the food, fabrics, and book-bindings.

They disgorge portions of their partially digested food at intervals and drop feces. They also discharge a nauseous secretion both from their mouths and from glands opening on the body which give a long-lasting, offensive cockroach smell to areas or food visited by them.

The most serious reason of the nuisance is their ability to spread diseases. They have a potential of causing food poisoning in humans. They are also responsible for transmission of diseases like cholera, diarrhea, staphylococcus, streptococcus, hepatitis, typhoid and dysentery. They can also be a risk for people with allergies and asthma when they make their homes indoors.

Hence the nuisance created by them is the deadliest and cannot be avoided as they are found everywhere. There is evidence showing the nuisance of these nocturnal roaches. Let me mention a few of them.

Chennai Hotel Serves Food Garnished With Cockroach, Faces Action

By News Desk, Updated: October 18, 2017 6:17 AM IST

A hotel in Chennai is facing action after it served food garnished with a cockroach. The alleged bug was spotted by a filmmaker in the dish he had ordered for his daughter.

Director K Mageswaran immediately called up food safety authorities and shared pictures and a video with them, NDTV reported.

During inspection, food safety officials revealed that there were baby cockroaches behind the stainless steel layered wall in the kitchen. A case has been filed against the food outlet of unhygienic manufacturing practices.

More Than 100 Cockroaches Were Found on 2 Planes — and It’s Unclear Where They Came From

By Andrea Romano, October 17, 2017, Travel + Leisure

Officials found more than 100 cockroaches on two airplanes that landed at Kunming’s Changshui International Airport, in China.

Details are sparse, and what we don’t know about the cockroaches is almost more concerning that what we do know. As Shanghaiist reported, it’s not clear how the cockroaches got on board, which airline — or airlines — they may have infiltrated, or where they came from.

One thing that officials do know is that the insects were German cockroaches, or Blattella germanica, a specific species of cockroach that are small and not necessarily from Germany.

Students say rental apartment full of cockroaches

CTV Kitchener
Published Tuesday, October 17, 2017 6:13PM EDT

The first time Winnet Runhare and her roommates visited their new Waterloo apartment, they saw a cockroach.

They assumed it was an aberration, and didn’t think much of it. “Two weeks in, we started seeing a lot more,” Runhare says.

Now, Runhare and her roommates find cockroaches in their kitchen, their bedrooms, and other areas of their apartment. It’s at the point where two of the three students have moved out, vowing not to return until the insects are gone. The third is staying put but doesn’t want to cook in the kitchen.

Going through the evidence one comes to know that the roaches’ nuisance is not restricted to only one sector but is found in many sectors such as residential, hotels, airlines, etc.

Though the roaches are tropical in origin they are also found in the habitat where warmth, moisture, and food are adequate. The roaches are known for their extraordinary survival skills as they move towards the places where they find water.

Roaches usually live in groups. As they are nocturnal in nature they are active during nights and during the daytime, they hide in the cracks and crevices in walls, door frames, and furniture. They are also found in the secure places like bathrooms, cupboards, steam tunnels, basements, electric devices, drains and sewer systems.

The roaches also run from dishes, utensils, work surfaces and floors in search of food in the kitchen areas. They make their way toward any water source including irrigation systems, swimming pools, and leaky water pipes or faucets.

Roaches are the important pests as they feed on a variety of food from starchy and sugary materials to the cardboards and nails of babies and sick/sleeping persons.

The nuisance caused by them is such great that they are also responsible for shutting down of many restaurants.

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