VMHS parents worried over termite issue

Vehicle carrier turned back from Auckland after stink bugs found onboard

Termites at Veterans Memorial High School cost CCISD $200,000

Stinkbugs Invading State, County

Stink bugs found - ship ordered to leave NZ

Southend Hospital battling bed bug infestation on two wards

Roaches and rodents-Restaurant closures in San Bernardino and Riverside counties, Nov. 15-21


Officials seeking help against Spotted Lanternfly

Nation’s biting fire ant invasion expands north again through heart of North Carolina

Mum says fly infestation in her 'smelly house' is so bad she can't eat there

Mum ravaged by bed bugs during horrifying 30-hour hospital ordeal

Joe Swash grimaces as his ear is syringed after a cockroach got stuck in it during terrifying I’m A Celeb Extra Camp trail

Invasive Emerald Ash Borer discovered in Middletown and Seaford

Emerald Ash Borers killing Dells trees

DIRTY DINING- Suburban Delray Beach restaurant temporarily closed for rodents, insects

Diner Discovers Cockroach ‘Surprise’ in Her Aglio Olio at Shah Alam Restaurant

Couple says they got bed bugs from Port Charlotte mall

CCISD spent thousands more for VMHS termite treatment after skipping it during construction

4,000-year-old termite mounds found in Brazil

‘Extensive cockroach infestation’ prompts AHS to shut down vendor in food court of Edmonton’s Southgate Mall

Beauty is a beast- Spotted lanternfly dangerously weakens trees

Beware the Fall Army Worm

Cleveland is crawling with bed bugs

Disneyland Hotel guest ‘absolutely butchered’ by bedbugs

His Hotel Room Was Beautiful... But He Found Something Disturbing In The Bedsheets

Hotel bakery loses permit

Lawsuit claims bedbugs found at Arizona Biltmore Hotel and Resort

Lotte Hotel executive lounge shut down after complaint of roaches

More areas of Lotte Hotel shut down after finding more roaches

Not Just Maize- Africa’s Fall Armyworm Crisis Threatens Sorghum, Other Crops, Too

Tenants say cockroaches infesting Peterborough apartment building

Allsup-Stink bugs are a new invader

Bed bug cases on the rise, pest control experts say

Bed bug reports are increasing in Rapid City

Bed bugs bite in MacIntyre Dorm

BPH menace assumes alarming proportions

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Foe Found to Flourish in Europe

Cooler temperatures bring stink bug problems

Disneyland Hotel accused of bedbugs in new lawsuit

Marion woman says bed bugs bit her at local theater

Moss Justice Center finds bedbugs for fourth time in less than a month

Philadelphia named No. 2 on list of worst cities for bed bugs

Restaurant shut after cockroach wriggled out of curry


UN agency reveals crops disease affecting 1.5 million Nigerian households

West Middle School calls in exterminators after bed bug found

Disgusted hotel guest, 31, was left in 'world of discomfort' when bed bugs gnawed him as he slept before he woke to blood on his sheets

Dublin food premises shut down as live cockroaches found

Emily's Place in Lamont closed due to severe roach infestation

Live cockroaches found - Closure orders served in October

Newfoundland couple horrified to find their hardwood floors bugged — well, beetled

Youngstown police offices bug out due to bed bugs

Woman bitten 400 times after sleeping on this bug-infested bed as dream getaway turned into holiday from hell

The Annual Aphid Infestation

Stressed-out tenant says his apartment has been treated for cockroaches 18 times in 18 months

Spotted Lanternfly May Wreak Havoc On Virginians

School District 91 warns parents of possible bedbug found in Skyline classroom

Roaches shut down 5 more Orlando-area restaurants in October

Roaches cause an Eton restaurant to temporarily close

RM20m spent to repair schools in 10 months

Rats and wasps take over police station - Dust also making lawmen sick

Rats and insects overrun parts of capital, costing council €64k after hundreds of complaints

Pittsburgh one of worst cities for bed bugs, report says

Pest problem persists- Bed bugs are a relatively common issue in cities

New invasive species threatens South Florida properties, eco-system

Mother, 25, says she was ravaged with 'bed bug or flea bites' all over her body during a stay in HOSPITAL for a suspected blood clot

More bed bugs found at York County courthouse

Herbies Pizza in Farnham Road closed due to serious cockroach infestation

Denton & Federalsburg Libraries Undergo Bed Bug Treatment

Cockroaches cause restaurant closures in Belmont over past year

Cockroach and rodent infestations found at Auckland eateries

Classes canceled Thursday after North Cedar finds bed bugs

Cedar Rapids restaurant closes this week for pest inspections

Bed bugs on the rise in Northeast Ohio

Bed bugs force Drumright to cancel all classes for Friday

Bed bugs are more than an inconvenience for Mid-Michigan ambulance companies

Termites demolish a village in Egypt

Tenant laments delays collecting rent rebate for cockroach infestation

Stink bugs in Birmingham- by any other name, they’d stink the same

Start of invasion. Spotted lanternfly confirmed in Maryland, raising alarm that invasive species could establish here

Spotted lanternfly, menace to crops, confirmed in Maryland

Spotted lanternfly found in Suffolk County, state officials say

Spotted lanternflies invading PA

Ralibertos Taco Shop OK to reopen after inspection finds cockroach problem remedied

Pendleton dealing with aphid swarms

Parents remove kids from Oceanside HS after bedbug scare

Lorain County's bed bug cases worsening

Edmonton’s Dynasty Century Palace Restaurant briefly shut down due to cockroaches

Edmonton restaurant shut down for cockroaches improper storage of food

Cockroach infestation among violations which led to closure of Calgary sandwich shop

Chang's Hong Kong Cuisine plus roach infestations at a McDonalds and a sports bar on Dirty Dining

British holidaymakers savaged by bed bugs in Spanish hotel claim

Bedbugs found inside offices at South Carolina courthouse

Another Air India flyer complains of bed bugs

Wooly Aphids swarm the city as they migrate and mate

These Pesky Bugs Are Back!

These NYC neighborhoods have the most bedbug violations

Stink bugs threat to Bay's billion-dollar kiwifruit industry

Stink Bugs Devastate Georgia’s Hazelnut Crop

Stink bug population rising, creating concerns for homes and farmers

Stink bug population exploding in Massachusetts

Spotted lanternfly could be on your Christmas tree this holiday season

Residents of Knoxville apartment complex deal with roach infestation

Portage schools addressing cockroach

Paris apartments invaded by Asian stink bugs

Ohio Valley Residents Pestered by Persistent Stink Bugs

Now there's a Christmas tree-infesting bug that hatches eggs inside your house

Invasive Spotted Lanternfly found in Winchester

Invasive Spotted Lanternfly found in Virginia

Invasive beetle causing big problems on the Big Island

Insects invading Virginia and Pennsylvania could be 'most destructive species in 150 years'

Insect pests will increase due to climate change

In One Of The Supermarkets Found Cockroaches Video

Horrified mother finds a COCKROACH inside her fried chicken

Health Department Shuts Down Raliberto’s Taco Shop Due to Cockroach Infestation

Have bedbugs taken flight in Boston

Grub Infestation Could Reduce Maharashtra's Sugar Output by 10%

Glasgow schools battle bed bugs

Edmonton restaurant shut down for cockroaches, dirty kitchen

Disabled mum horrified at what caused fly infestation in her kitchen

Cooler weather leads to stink bug problems

Conifer seed bugs raising a stink for area residents

Cockroaches of all life stages noted in food

COBB COUNTY EXTENSION- Fall temperatures bring insect invaders inside

Bedbugs find haven in Brooklyn, especially Flatbush, says survey

Bedbug found at Lackawanna High School

Bed Bugs Found Inside Bartlesville Public Library

Bed bugs found at Justice Center in York County

Bed bugs are biting all over again

Another insect reportedly found in Asian Gourmet food at UTSC

Warning of Mouth On Its Belly Worm Infestation in Florida

This native pest is costing our economy millions - and it's not alone

Termites Threaten More Damage In The Wake Of Post-hurricane Floods

More Bed Bugs At Mars

Marion County traffic court closes because of bed bugs

Invasive spotted lanternfly makes journey into Virginia

Invasive species of termites spreading in Palm Beach County

Inspections- Insects found around onions at local pizza shop

Iguana knocks out power to South Florida nursing home

Huge cost of pasture pests

Cockroaches, ice cream at Scoops on Dirty Dining

Cockroach infestation shuts down Concord Chinese buffet for 2nd time

Castlemilk family flees home amid cockroach nightmare

Bed Bugs-chemical Pesticides Aren’t The Answer

Bed bugs lead to closure of Shawnee branch of Johnson County Library

Bed Bugs Found On Man During Gary City Council Meeting

Apartment tenants complain about rats, roaches- 'One of the worst places for humans to live'

Another bed bug found at Mars High School

Armyworms take over sports complexes throughout East Texas

Check out books at this JoCo library. Bag them to guard against bed bugs

City of San Mateo Inspecting Bed-Bug Infested Apartments

Cockroach menace at Sion Hospital

Cockroaches force closing of Bob Evans

Cockroaches, spiders and flies, oh my Orlando endures bug invasion

Emerald ash borer causes damage to trees

Farm pests costing $2.3 billion in lost productivity

France on bed bug alert after suspected Rentrée spread

Invasive species recently discovered in New York

Kansas City woman claims she was bitten by bugs during overseas flight

Lawsuit filed against Desert Palms Apartments; alleges bed bug infestation

Lovebugs are in the air, but they don't have to be on your car

No Bedbugs Found on MTA Buses After Riders Claim They Saw Critters

Pest alert issued over 'Fall Armyworm' in maize crop

Pomona tenants allege cockroach infestation

Termites doing expensive damage to Valley homes - is your house protected

Termites Target Nale’s Home

When insects rule the world

Woman disgusted after discovering horrifying cockroach in Asda trifle

‘Can someone please tell me what this is’ Woman finds mystery bug eggs hidden inside bag of Coles pre-washed baby spinach

Apalachicola tourist sues over alleged bedbug infestation; hotel calls suit frivolous

Bed bugs, mice, leaks are some complaints at Omaha apartment complex

Bedbug infestations are costly and stubborn, says RWU professor

Bug problem at IKEA. Customer finds insect in chocolate cake at Hyderabad store

Columbia apartment resident complains of roach infestation

Federal agency confirms presence of tree-destroying beetle in Nova Scotia

Fire Ants Seen Floating in Florence Floodwaters in North Carolina, Video Shows

Fruit flies, house flies, and black mold discovered during restaurant inspections

'I Literally Wanted to Rip My Skin Off'-Victoria's Secret Model Sues Hotel Over Bed Bug Bites

Infested with termites and falling apart

Mother, children left to deal with cockroach infestation at Inkster housing unit

Rhyl takeaway which received a zero food-hygiene rating remains closed after cockroachinfestation

Ripon Neighbors Brand Street ‘Cockroach Alley’ Amid Bug Infestation

Scientist calls for joint global approach against Fall Army worms

Shocking images show what inspectors found in rodent infested Middlesbrough restaurant

Some garden insects invade houses at this time of year

Syrian family grapples with bedbug infestation at Fredericton apartment

Termite Invasion At Another Drasa Home, Lautoka

Horrified bus passenger uncovers ‘thousands of bedbugs’ crawling on her seat leaving her with 'burning arm'

Ottawa hospitals facing bedbugs, cockroaches

Ottawa hospitals facing bedbugs

Rasberry crazy ants continue to spread

Roaches, rats found inside another Shelby County school

WPS maintenance barn burglarized, bed bug warning issued

‘Kissing bug' on the rise- Everything you need to know about dangerous infection

Army worms could pose a threat to winter wheat

Bed bugs in ambulances, cockroaches in a hospital- the unexpected challenges for health care

Caterpillar found in Ikea biryani-What you can do if you find an insect in your food

Caterpillars Threaten Food Security of 300 Million Africans

Cockroach infestations on the rise in Edmonton, exterminator says

Cockroach infestations on the rise in Edmonton

Cockroaches found in popcorn

Cockroaches, fruit flies invade Montebello hamburger joint, close it down and other health inspections in San Gabriel Valley or Whittier area

Diners react as one of Oxford's best loved restaurants closed due to cockroaches

Emerald ash borer has spread so much in NH that quarantines are no longer worth it

Exterminator says Edmonton suffering a cockroach crisis

Global warming creates hungry bugs to attack budding crops, may result in food scarcity

More Cockroaches- A sign of Edmonton’s growing diversity.

More Cockroaches-A sign of Edmonton’s growing diversity

Stomach-churning images of cockroach infestations which caused closure of Walthamstow bakery and Leyton restaurant

Vicious Hornet Swarm at German Wine Festival Sends 13 to Hospital

Video shows alleged bed bugs on SEPTA bus

‘Filthy and dangerous apartments’ slammed after tenants find bug infestations, black residue on beds and used syringes

2 bed bug incidents reported at National Personnel Records Center in Spanish Lake

Aldi shoppers shocked as caterpillars and maggots found in broccoli - check your bag NOW

Bed bugs found on Colorado State University campus, study section of library shut down

teteCockroaches close San Gabriel noodle restaurant and other health inspection reports in the San Gabriel Valley Whittier areaetet

Desperate Wardha farmers try

Global Warming Means More Insects Threatening Food Crops — A Lot More, Study Warns

Greenhouse Farmers In Kiambu Complain Of Whitefly Menace

Maharashtra's farm menace

OVER THE COLES- Unwanted guests- invasive insect pests

Pest responsible for food crisis in Africa reaches Karnataka

The Bugs Are Coming, and They’ll Want More of Our Food

To Survive In A Warmer World, Insects Will Eat More Of Our Crops

Woman claims bed bugs bit her at Independence movie theater

Worst enemy of farmers Scissor Worm destroys maize crop

What Are Termites With Wings. Flying Termites

Taslima takeaway former owner fined for Dermestes beetles infestation

Nottingham restaurant forced to close due to cockroach infestation has reopened after revamp

Moms' getaway turns nightmarish when bedbugs feast on woman in southeast Calgary hotel

Massive increase in bedbugs as hot summer creates perfect breeding

Locals Struggle with Termite Infestation in Luxor

Jefferson Parish family sues Disney over bedbugs in resort

ISP protest to focus on healthcare, food, bugs

Farmer admits accidentally killing millions of bees after spraying his crops

Exterminator did not properly treat for termites, Jefferson property owner claims

Emerald ash borer confirmed in Lincoln

Emerald Ash Borer Confirmed in 11 More Missouri Counties

Elizabeth City rec and senior center to re-open after precautionary bedbug closure

Cockroach infestation improving, but still an issue in one Elyria neighborhood

Cockroach infestation closes another popular Mill Road takeaway

Causing a stink in the Yakima Valley

British cities face a bed bug epidemic, experts say

Bedbugs plague hits British cities

Bed Bugs Have Found a New Home- Airplanes. Here's How to Spot Them

Bed bugs found in local hotel

This Is the Most Termite-Infested City in America

Super termites form enormous colonies in California

New Choi's Restaurant shut down after failing health inspection

Mum claims Pontins holiday ruined by horrendous 'cockroaches, vomit and mould' in her chalet

Jefferson Parish family sues Disney over bedbugs in resort

It’s raining Fall Armyworms in Karnataka

Hundreds, maybe thousands of cockroaches take over Elyria neighborhood

Elyria neighborhood struggles to deal with cockroach invasion

Edmonton homeowner fears ant infestation could leave her bankrupt

Destructive 'super-termites' discovered in La Mesa

Cockroaches plague Elyria neighborhood, costing residents hundreds of dollars

Bugs On A Plane- Pests On AI Flight Wasn't The First; A Look At Other Times When Insects Disrupted Smooth Travel

After years of caterpillar attacks, ‘the trees are dying’

2 LeBron James-backed Blaze Pizzas ordered shut due to fly issues

Bed bugs difficult to treat

Beetles invasion doesn't sound so good

Boca restaurant closed for second time in a month due to roaches

Brown marmorated stink bug commercial survey underway

'Crape Murder' and dealing with bugs

Don't trap the Japanese beetles wreaking havoc on your garden — that'll make it worse

Don't trap the Japanese beetles wreaking havoc on your garden — that'll make it worse

Health Alliance confirms case of bedbugs at Hampton Inn and Suites Speedway

Heritage city cries for attention

Homeowner alleges Allied Foundation Specialists caused termite infestation

Hotels Are Spending Big Money on Bed Bugs

In dire need of rescue

Invasion of the Electric Ants! Fears fire-starting bugs will sweep UK after colony of a million insects is found

Invasive insects bugging people in Osoyoos

Japanese beetles destroying KC area foliage

Keep an eye out for Japanese beetles in your crops

Miami working to save hundreds of trees from invasive insect

Mlolongo- Where bedbugs thrive

New video appears to show more roaches at Yonkers McDonald

New wasp species with a giant stinger discovered in Amazonia

Rainfall sets stage for several nuisance pests

Seeing leaves that look skeletal. You might have Japanese beetles

Spotted lanternfly battle is on- Can Pennsylvania stop this invasive threat to trees and plants

The curse of the bookworm leaves avid reader distraught

This new species of wasp has been appropriately named after a xenomorph from alien

Twin menace to paddy crops worries farmers

UK homeowners warned of 'super ants' that can start FIRES after colony found

UT Re¬searchers work to control in¬creasing 'crazy ant' species

Wentworth housing complex ‘falling apart’

Why Philly is a particularly bad place to get bedbugs

Workers at Columbus area JCPenney Call Center concerned over claims of bed bugs

York County restaurant inspections- Black bacteria,mold substance, flies, old food debris

29 New Wasps Have Been Found, And Their Life Cycle Is The Stuff of Nightmares

300 bed hospital in a shambles

A nursery and a graveyard- macabre mounds where wasp larvae feed on cicadas

After complaints, inspectors find bedbugs, code violations at ARCH

Bed bugs found at Concord hotel after woman develops skin rash

Bedbug infestation temporarily shuts down Texarkana hotel

Bedbugs shut down local hotel

Brazilian model sues Palm Desert hotel over bed bug bites

Cockroaches and rodents- San Bernardino County restaurant closures

Colorado Beetle warning in place for 5 days

Costello, Maloney receive spotted lanternfly update from Department of Agriculture

Council approves study to fight rasberry 'crazy ant' in¬fes¬tation

Dirty restaurant kitchens put off Vijayawada foodies

Emerald ash borer discovered at Mahoney State Park near Ashland

Emerald ash borer discovered in Mahoney State Park, Council Bluffs

Emerald Ash Borer now considered widespread in Cedar Rapids

Fightin Phils, agriculture officials take aim at spotted lanternfly

Flying Cockroaches- See The Gross Things Heat Does To NYC's Bugs

Four More Counties Report Presence Of Emerald Ash Borer

Insidious 'kissing bugs' bite Texas woman; she awaits Chagas disease test results

Invasive beetle warning

Invasive insect species threatens PA multi-billion dollar industries

Japanese Beetles Return, Threatening Local Plants

Japanese beetles ruin your day and your garden

Keep an eye out for the stinkbug that may be eating your vegetables

Leaky ceilings, ant infestation highlights Kempegowda Museum on eve of Kempegowda Jayanti

Restaurant Report Card- Live cockroaches found hiding in cracks in restaurant's wall

Staff of Henrico nursing home worry about seniors after bedbugs found

Stinking Here and There- The Painted Bug Bagrada hilaris Goes From Crops to Homes

Termite infestations reported across East Texas

Terrifying wasp invades victims’ bodies, feasts on their insides and bursts out like a monster from the Alien films

Three Rowland Heights restaurants close because of cockroaches, and other health inspector reports in the San Gabriel Valley

Trees felled to fight Pennsylvania's spotted lanternfly invasion

Voters encounter mice and flea infestation at Baltimore polling place on Maryland primary election day

Work starts on $6m restoration of Shorncliffe station

A beetle brings a nightmare on ash street

A Stroll Through the Garden- The spotted lanternfly is our latest invader

Brazilian model sues Hilton, claiming she was bitten by bedbugs at Palm Desert hotel

Caution advised in treatment of yellow crazy ants

City Hall sees uptick in arborist applications since emerald ash borer discovery

City of Fredericton prepares for arrival of the invasive Emerald Ash Borer beetle

Corn rootworm egg hatch peaks in Iowa


Former “Billion Dollar Bug” is Mounting a Come Back

Louisville Housing Authority Leader Blames Bedbug Infestation On Residents

Lubber grasshoppers wreaking havoc in local yards

Over 700 fire ants found in port

Pontins horror stay left one-year-old with huge red sores from 'bed bug bites'

Restaurant owner responds to customer's claim that there were maggots in food

Robert Miller- Beware the spotted lanternfly heading our way

Russia World Cup 2018- Swarming bugs are wreaking havoc on England-Tunisia match in Volgograd

The Hoosier Gardener- Tiny mites leave red stains

The Red Terror

Tiny insect threatening thousands more Saskatoon ash trees

Warning over wasps as numbers set to swell

An industry in ashes- A Pennsylvania tradition is dying, one baseball bat at a time

Bed Bugs Infest Government Office That Deals With Disasters

Bedbugs found in Valley hospital

Beetle mania- Vancouver wages war against invasive pest

Bell- Potential for corn rootworm pressure

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Becoming More of a Concern

Call Collett- Termites infest Hanahan home

Collier homeowners deal with millipede invasion

Conditions ripe for corn rootworm hatches

Declare locust invasion a national disaster govt urged

DNR- Region's trees swarming with armyworms, but outbreak unlikely to be fatal

Emerald ash borer could come with $11.5M price tag for Sioux Falls taxpayers

Experts warn of seasonal termite threat

Farmers worried as locusts invade Marsabit, Isiolo and Turkana

Harrow Council and A2 Dominion fighting rat issue

House flies ‘a real nuisance,” Argyle councillor says

Lanternfly's penchant for -- and potential to harm -- grapevines focus of study

Mom claims she found bed bugs in daughter's hospital room

More yellow crazy ants found

Spotted lanternfly threatens some PA wineries

Tales of devastation follow emerald ash borer, invasive species now found in Winnipeg

The Chicago Restaurants Ordered Closed Last Week

Turkana farmers in fear over locust invasion

$90,000 state grant to help study infestation of Chesco mushroom flies

3 Restaurants in PJ Shut Down By MBPJ After Rat

Apartments Condemned Due to Bedbugs and

Bedbugs ‘invasion’ forces shutdown of the Tema Technical School boarding house

Despite Calls For Help, Bedbugs Infest Louisville Public Housing Complex

Emerald ash borer has been an environmental problem, but now may be financial problem

Grants add clout to fight against spotted lanternfly's effects on Pa. fruit, hardwood

Invasion of the killer ants- Plague of yellow crazy insects that can take down animals hundreds of times their size invade town and could build massive super colonies

Money sought to continue momentum on Yellow Crazy Ant eradication

One home's daily collection of dead flies as insects continue to blight west Wales

PEST ALERT-Termite infestations reported across East Texas


Probable source of fly infestation plaguing residents in Llanelli identified

Spotted lanternfly could harm Virginia crops and plants

Spotted Lanternfly Found in Virginia Grapes

Virginia Tech beginning fight against invasive spotted lanternfly seen in Winchester

VNA gets grant to fight bed bugs

Yellow crazy ants- The bird-killing insects taking over a NSW city

Your ears are cockroach heaven and that’s why they keep crawling in there

‘Super Termite’ Cases Becoming More Common In Avoyelles

A ‘supervillain’ pest is destroying crops across the Prairies, and no one knows how to stop it

A plague of flies is forcing people to flee their homes and eat meals in their cars in Llanelli

An invasive ant species threatens Australia’s “way of life”

Billions of mutant super-fleas with massive PENISES to INVADE UK homes

Brian Minter-Japanese beetle invasion a serious threat to Vancouver

Emerald ash borers confirmed in Ames

Fears as invasive red fire ants detected at Queensland’s Scenic Rim

Invasive beetle nearing Nova Scotia

Invasive emerald ash borer discovered in Maine for first time

Lismore's crazy ant infestation grows

Montreal to offer residents up to $4K to treat ash trees against bug infestation

Motel guest biting mad over bed bugs

Plumbing issues, warm tofu egg close Pasadena vegan cafe briefly and other health inspector reports in the San Gabriel Valley

Purdue Extension Warns about Biting Buffalo Gnats

Stink Bug in my Coffee Mug

Swarm of super fleas with 'genitals larger than their body' heading for Lincolnshire

'Troublesome' spotted lanterflies can result in harmful crop loss for farmers

US-Spotted lanternfly could become problem in Missouri

WA research finds disease-carrying insects are blown hundreds of kilometres to Australia

Worthington planning ahead for emerald ash borer

Bed bugs, not book worms, found in Bristol library books

Beware the Spotted Lanternfly

DEC-Be on the lookout for spotted lanternfly

Despite diminishing influence, emerald ash borer still poses issues for Barrington area

Downtown Lynchburg library temporarily closed after bedbug discovered

Fall army worms destroy crops worth Sh3 billion

FDA warns public against purchase, use of Wawang Mosquito Coil products

Formosan termite cases jump 50 percent in Jefferson, Shelby counties

Guest alleges Super 8 hotel’s negligence led to bed bug bites

Invasive 'crazy' ant species discovered in New South Wales for first time in more than a decade

Invasive species of Japanese beetle discovered in Vancouver

KALRO steps up research as armyworm wrecks havoc

Lanternflies Eat Everything in Sight. The U.S. Is Looking Delicious.

Letter, Meet the ‘Beetles’

Local residents have little affection for May swarm of lovebugs

Nature Conservancy warns residents of 'firewood beetle' in Maritimes


Pesky insects causing a nuisance-Those darn bugs

Spotted lanternfly’s appearance in Eastern New York sets arborists, government on path to act

Syrian refugees face new enemy in Canadian apartments- bedbugs

Termite damage poses a threat as hurricane season approaches, study says

Warmer winters make Calgary more vulnerable to ash tree-killing beetle, says prof

Wasco Pizza ordered to close after fruit fly infestation

‘We had no bedbugs in Syria,’ say refugee families in Hamilton highrise

Agriculture agents keep eye out for Spotted Lanternfly

Bedbugs invade Mukuru slums

Bollworm and bad weather may lower cotton acreage by a tenth(1)


Evansville dogs trained to sniff bedbugs

Fly infestation captured on Simpson Desert cameleer's video creates social media buzz

Invasive spotted lanternfly eggs begin to hatch in Berks County

Iosco County family says termites caused severe damage to home

Restaurant in Singapore apologises for dead spider found in customer's salad bowl

'Super-termites' invading Central Louisiana

Tree killing insect confirmed in South Dakota

Wareham health board fines restaurant $300, tells Lowe's to reduce rodents

Watch 500,000 termites chew through a tiny house in just two months

What are greenflies and why have they suddenly invaded the UK

Why the spotted lanternfly could be big trouble for Philly

Wild Sidem,The BMSB

Woman says daughter was bitten by bed bugs at Marlboro County school

‘Biblical’ caterpillar plague that devastated African crops is ‘heading to UK’

A cockroach crawled into a Florida woman’s ear. It took nine days to get it out.

Aggressive termites invading Houston area, establishing new colonies in South

Be on the look out for an invasive species that could affect crops

DEC warns of 'spotted lanternfly' that may be in New York

Dublin named most ant-infested county in Ireland

Emerald ash borer confirmed in SD

Exterminators starting to see more cases of termites in Teche Area

Fly Infestation In Los Angeles VA Hospital Causes Cancellation And Postponement Of Dozens Of Surgeries

Formosan termites swarm Acadiana homes

Group Celebrating Birthday Bitten by Bed Bugs at Wisconsin Dells Resort

Invasive species experts Be on the lookout for the spotted lanternfly

Issues Of The Environment- Stinkbugs Invade Washtenaw County

Lowcountry termite swarms create buzz on social media

Once in 35 years, 'crores and crores' of stink bugs infest homes in Bhubaneshwar (2)

Once in 35 years, 'crores and crores' of stink bugs infest homes in Bhubaneshwar

Rats, roaches, bedbugs, mold- Why thousands of LA's homeless shelter beds sit empty each night

Spotted lanternfly swarm about to hit Berks again

Stink bugs invade Georgia

Stink bugs invade into homes in Bhubaneswar outskirts

Swarms of love bugs fly around Sarasota home

'The population has already exploded' - protecting livestock from flies

They're coming for you, South Mississippi How to fight the gnats

VA hospital allegedly canceled surgeries over fly infestation, report claims

A Bed Bug Infestation at a Grand Prairie Apartment Complex

Across Long Island

Africa struggles for weapons against armyworm curse

Armyworm resists all of Africa’s efforts to halt its relentless march

Battling Bedbugs in the Infusion Center

Bed bug infestation reported at IGMH cardiac center

Boxelder bugs are back

Citrus fly infestation worries junar farmers

Cotton seed companies may cut foundation seed

Cracked tiles

Drivers report bed bugs at HISD bus barn

Flight Attendant Settles Bonaventure Bed Bug Suit

Fly infestation in VA operating rooms — another example of chaos within agency

Home invasions of the insect kind

Infectious Mycoplasma Bovis found on Tararua farm

Insect Infestation Led to Widespread Surgery Cancelations at LA VA Hospital

Look out for termites-Swarming season is coming

Lovebugs. So many lovebugs. But are they dangerous

Maple bugs make an appearance as weather gets warmer

Powder Post Beetles haunt old home restoration

Sanitary permit revoked at Tamuning restaurant

Tenants furious over bed bug infestation at Grand Prairie apartments

Termite damage forces residents out of St. Pete condo

Termites Are Thriving Much Further North Than Builders Realize

This insect invasion is going to stink

VDACS working on strategy to combat Spotted Lanternfly

Verona tries not to let the bedbugs bite

Bed bug found at high school in Marion County

Biting gnats are leaving their itchy mark on El Paso's Upper Valley neighborhoods

Couple sues owners of Leesburg hotel over bed bug infestation

Exotic Ticks Identified After Farmer Is Found Covered in Thousands Have Now Made N.J. Home

Experts- Cotton farmers may face increased bollworm pressure this season

Fire breaks out during bed bug fumigation at house near Moline La Rancherita

Fire breaks out during bed bug fumigation at house near Moline La

Govanhill cockroach and bedbug complaints fall but mice reports on the rise

Invasion! Washington state under siege from the stinkbug menace!

Neighbors fed up as vacant home becomes safe haven for bevy of bugs

Swan River seniors complex treated for bedbugs nearly 600 times, but 'unreal' problem persists, family says

What can you do with a house full of ladybugs

Bed bug discovered in PAMS classroom

Bed bug speculation at Regina high school

Bed Bugs Discovered in Kansas City Airport Sitting Area

Bed bugs invade Graham County Jail

Cockroaches found near pizza oven at Pasadena restaurant and other inspection reports in the San Gabriel Valley

Destructive stink bugs taking state by swarm

Farmers struggle to get rid of armyworms

Fire ants complicate hay donations to wildfire zone

Inuvik's homeless shelter temporarily moves after bedbug infestation

Invasive species come out to play and more are on the way

Kenyan farmers incur losses from army-worm invasion

Op-ed- Fall armyworm invasion, a wake-up call for Africa

Out-Of-The-Box Ideas See ‘Saline Drips’, Wall Rescue This 700-Year-Old Tree

Plant-killing pests and diseases have an ally in climate change- experts

TCSD takes aim at bed bugs

These ants have evolved a complex system of battlefield triage and rescue

UF researchers find termites are killing South Florida trees

Asian termites killing South Florida pine trees, weakening other trees for hurricanes

Bedbugs could be crawling in places you might not expect

Cockroaches observed in Wendy’s leads to renovation

Couple blasted for setting up GoFundMe page to pay for SECOND honeymoon – after first ‘ruined by flea infested hotel’

Fall Armyworm- Ghana must seek bio-rational products

Falls Church Restaurant Violations-Roach Found Crawling on Floor

Fuji Japanese Steakhouse restaurant temporarily closed

Invasive Stink Bug Discovered in Nevada County

Kenya Faces Huge Losses From Armyworm, U.S. Warns

Kenya faces huge losses from armyworm, US warns

Louisiana Issues Quarantine To Control Invasive Marsh-Killing Bug

Paddock Lake to clear infected trees

Several pupils and teachers of SK Bukit Pekan quarantined over severe mite bites

Two major crop scourges are hybridizing to produce a new mega

When invaders pay a visit

A Swarm of Flies Are Taking Over Nippenose Valley

Army flies attack Firestone

Armyworms cut Ecija onion output; imports loom

Bed bugs discovered in NYS office buildings

Bed Bugs found at Marion Elementary School

Bee deaths investigated

Boxelder Bugs Polite Houseguest Or Nuisance Invader

California family gets $2.1 million after 3-year-old was scarred by bedbugs

Cringe-worthy fly infestation in Letamo – residents in fear of filth

It's time to start preventing bugs from taking over your home

Meet the new stink bug afflicting crops — and overrunning homes — across U.S.

Specialist Explains Dangers of Fruit Flies

Stink bugs expected to cause more problems

Bed bugs found in chair at Kansas City International Airport

Bedbugs torment varsity students in Thika

Bellingen Courthouse closure

Customer repaid after bed bugs ruin romantic break in Rome

Fire station temporarily shut due to bedbugs, ants

Grant aids fight against marsh-killing insect

Mezzanine area in Terminal B closed in KCI following discovery of bed bugs

Trinity College residences facing bed bug infestation

19 cockroaches shut down Creamistry, and other health inspection closures in San Gabriel Valley

Ex-tenant sues complex over bedbug spraying

It is consuming crops and swarming Pa. towns. Can N.J. keep this bug away

List of bedbug infested, long-distance buses in Kenya as told by Kenyans themselves


Officials see rise in bed bug infestations around Springfield

This next insect invasion is going to stink

Woman says she found bed bugs at Near West Side service agency

Berry-sized bugs have caused millions in damages in Mid-Atlantic states. Now they’re here

Bugs and fleas made Derby Homes' accommodation 'the house from hell'

Hey, those are cockroaches at a sandwich shop in Pasadena and other health inspector reports

How a bloodthirsty parasite is taking down a major strawberry pest near Monterey Bay

Rother woman rehoused in cockroach

Ryerson investigating possible bedbugs in class

Ryerson University confirms bed bugs were found in a classroom

Ryerson University investigates possible bedbug infestation in classroom

Tackling the Valley’s bed bug issue

‘Massive’ number of live, dead cockroaches found throughout Hacienda Heights restaurant and other health inspector reports in the San Gabriel Valley

Bed bugs settlement worth $2,000 for minor with alleged injuries

Eastern lubber grasshoppers cause trouble in Pine Island

South Boston Library closed Friday for termite extermination

Yuck! Bedbug poop leaves lingering health risks

Bed bug infestations increasingly reported in public buildings

Bed bugs invade Tain government hospital

Bedbug infestation shuts homeless shelter

Cedar Rapids library calls bed bug rumors 'bogus'

Elizabeth City's only homeless shelter closed for bed bug infestation

Hungry Bug Raises Stink in New Zealand Import Market

Man says bed bugs were infesting Sherman motel room

McDonald's, Cicis among restaurants with roaches

Utica’s Alorica battles bed bugs

Woman finds bed bugs at south Tulsa hotel

Bed bugs are even worse than you thought

Bed bugs found in books at Brandon library branch

Bedbugs ‘increase your risk of allergic reactions and deadly asthma attacks’ even after they are gone

Bedbugs close part of business school’s library

Bellaire Local Schools addresses possible bed bug found

Brandon Library closes due to bed bugs

Cape fruit crops under threat by invasive fruit fly

Dixmoor Mental Health Facility Evacuated Over Bedbug Infestation

Houston woman died from bedbug extermination that warmed apartment to 139 degrees, suit says


Invasive species threatens the Valley

Irish homes are being invaded by pesky silverfish insects

Stink bug infested ships back to Auckland, where they're running out of cars

Stink bug invasion could cost NZ billions

Stink bugs threaten New Zealand car imports

Tiny bugs bite into WhidbeyHealth budget

Weather blamed for increase in pest infestation in Offaly homes

Bed begs infest South City police station


Car dealers versus the stink bug

Cargo ship sent away from Auckland Harbour after stink bugs discovered on board

It's a Bug's life! Are uninvited guests in the form of vermin sharing your house

London school infested with bed bugs twice this year

Pest control service makes link between drought

Sisters 'disgusted,' say they found bed bugs in Lancaster hotel room

Stink bug infestation found on a second ship carrying cars from Japan

Stink bugs discovered on board fourth ship destined for NZ

Tenant sues St. Louis Apartments over bed bug infestation

University of Missouri entomologist informs farmers of pests to watch for

USDA To Spend $17.5 Million In Pennsylvania To Eradicate Invasive Insect

New invasive pest found in VA

The humid weather costing homeowners thousands - but one pest is loving it

Bed Bugs Found In Charter School

'Bug Bomb' Foggers Still Making People Sick

Woman finds roach in food; inspector confirms pest issue

Nando’s stores in Perth fined for rodent droppings, mould, filthy floors, solidified grease

Region ranks 25th for bed bug infestations

Paul's fury over fly infestation in Gateshead as Mr Justice sorts out three housing complaints

Aviation Minister mad at British Airways over bedbugs aboard planes

Bedbug concerns not snoozing in winter

Bedbugs found in hospital emergency room

BRIT-ITCH AIRWAYS British Airways cabin crew walk out before take off as plane was riddled with BEDBUGS

Business-class passenger gets 150 bed bug bites on flight

Killing black flies not yet a dead issue in Horicon

Muskogee Apartment Complex Infested With Bugs, Tenant Says

MYBEDBUGLAWYER Wins Half a Million Dollars Against Hilton Hotel for Bedbugs

Tshwane residents warned about possible drain fly infestation

Bed Bug Infestations In California Among Worst In Country Report

Increase of flies in lake worry Chennaiites

‘Thirty-four ticks burrowed into his skin and caused years of misery’

Bed bugs causing problems for homeless shelter amid freezing temperatures

Bird flies into cockpit, forces Delta flight to turn around

Fly-infested dump which caused East Renfrewshire homeowners misery finally cleared

'I can hear scratching when I'm lying in bed' - mother living in rat-infested 'ghost estate'

Not even a deep freeze can stop garden pests like Japanese beetles and pirate bugs

Parks board looks at proposed emerald ash borer resolutions

Pine beetle gaining ground in Southwest Colorado

Trees in Fairfax County Continue To Be Targets of Insects

'I just spit mine all out and I about threw up' Kids

Bed bugs force closure of urgent care at veterans centre

Bed bugs force temporary closure of Manchester VA clinic

State officials work to contain spread of destructive lanternflies.pdf

Bed Bug Found In Bernardsville Elementary School

Bed bugs at Legon, the Premier University - UG Student cries


Bed Bugs Found in NYC School-DOE

Beetle in Lankan tea shipment to Russia Exporter to be spared says Pethiyagoda

BMC Says Can't Deal With Insects After Bandra Residents Complain Of Cockroaches In The Premises

Closure order for eateries infested with cockroaches

Health inspectors close cockroach-infested Chick Point in Walthamstow

More trees believed to be infested by emerald ash borer beetle - city forester

Park La Brea Residents Win $3

Pink bollworm may lead to lower cotton output in India

Thai man to sue for THB6 million after finding cockroach in food court’s fried egg

The return of the Japanese beetle

Theater manager denies new bedbug allegations

Topeka VA confirms bed bug found in emergency department

Alaska suffers resurgence of tree-killing beetle

Bed Bugs A Growing Concern for EMS Workers

Bed bugs found at Wichita City Hall

Check your fruit’ Fly infestation hits South Australian mangoes

Clash With the Ash -Tree-Killing Ash Borer Finally Reaches Eau Claire County

Emerald ash borer kills trees at historic site

Infested communities give up trying to eradicate bed bugs


Sask. puts more cash toward fighting pine beetles in northern Alta


Woman tries to kill bed bugs with alcohol, sets unit block on fire in US

Woman trying to kill bed bugs accidentally sets multi-family home ablaze

Woman 'vomits in front of 200 colleagues' after discovering a LIVE beetle in her Tesco meal deal

Barking restaurant owner fined £5,000 for cockroach infestation

Bed bugs discovered in Vanderbilt University dormitory

Beetle infestation forces GRCA to cut down thousands of ash trees

City addressing bed bug reports in Denver Human Services building

Cockroaches and dirty kitchens found during inspections of Auckland food shops

Couple claim they were ‘bitten alive’ by bed bugs during a dream five-star holiday in Cape Verde

Man no longer living in apartment where bed bugs were found

Marlboro County classroom treated for bed bugs

Proof of bugs in the White House

Roaches at Bachi Burger on Dirty Dining

Spotted Invasive insect the lanternfly

Spruce bark beetles returning on north peninsula

Stomach bug hits more than 200 people on Royal Caribbean cruise ship

Tree-killing bug confirmed in Eau Claire

$1.2M lab to fight tree-killing insect

An invasive bug from Northern Europe has made its way to the Okanagan

Ant problem infiltrates Pointe-Claire home

Bedbugs force Colden Hall closure

Beetle infestation devastates pitch pine trees at Nottingham Park

Cockroaches force temporary closures at two restaurants in Montebello, Pico Rivera

East Hampton Town extends pine beetle state of emergency

Eatery in East Coast Road suspended 
2 weeks for cockroach infestation

Invasive insect discovered in New York 'can wreak havoc' on crops

Lynchburg Public Library branch temporarily closing due to book lice, bedbug infestation

Peranakan Inn at Katong suspended two weeks for cockroach infestation

Pink ball worm kills cotton crop across five states

Plague of east Asian STINK BUGS invades western Sydney after the large invasive insects with a particularly unpleasant odour made it into Australia in cargo from Italy

Report of bed bugs at VCU's Cabell Library

Whitefly takes a toll on coconut groves across south India

Controversy at SimpliSafe-Employees Suspended Amid Bedbug Infestation

Crop damaging 'super pest' now capable of surviving wintry conditions

Dad living in cockroach-infested public housing dreams of better home when national funding comes in 2020

Disgusting footage shows thousands of bugs crawling over bedroom where couple slept throughout six-year infestation

One bug causes 180-day shut down for pecan shipments from 4 counties in NM

Quebec youth court judge blames Batshaw agency for children living in bug-infested foster home

Anchorage health department cites hotel for cockroaches, bedbugs

Bed bugs force cinema shutdown

Bed bugs found at elder housing

Bed bugs infest SAVE group homes; two employees resign

Bed bugs invade schools in Northern Region

Bed bugs ruin British couples holiday in four-star Mallorca hotel

Cockroach infestation forces evacuation

Cockroach-infested trawler detained

Fungicides may have negative impact on bees

'I didn't think it would happen'- Woman's warning to homeowners after losing $80k overnight

Pine beetles from Jasper National Park moving into commercial forest

Two bed bugs lead to closure of locker room at middle school

Ant swarm attacks Karratha woman as she eats a muesli bar

Anyone keen on a house that has been eaten out by termites

Bed bug complaints verified at 17 public places in Maricopa County

Behaviour bugs

China City Cafe closed

County Budget to address Emerald Ash Borer

Dad nearly kills toddler while trying to get rid of bedbugs

Pests destroy Goalpara crop

Resident reports bed bugs in room at local motel

Retired IT worker blasts travel giant TUI claiming she was bitten all over her body in a 'bug infested' plane to Gatwick after a two-week trip to Goa

Tucson farms dealing with grasshopper infestation

Wasp sting kills popular mum of 4 and great-grandmother days before her diamond wedding anniversary

Bed bug discovered inside PHEAA headquarters

Bed bugs a repetitive problem at Utah

Bed bugs, rodents shut down North Miami assisted living facility

Bedbugs found in seats at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport's Terminal 4

Bedbugs turned up in more than half of BMHA complexes

Cockroaches found in a bench top in a Nando's restaurant

Efforts aim to limit the spread of fire ants in the US

Farmers burn crops in Odisha to draw government attention to large scale pest attack

Holidaymakers attacked by BEDBUGS left 'mentally scarred' after infestation at four-star hotel ruins £2,000 trip

OIA gives CNMI 181,048 to fight rhino beetle

Pestering pests threaten paddy crop output in Odisha's Kalahandi dist.

Rutherglen bug burdens raise concerns

Termite infestation


Bed bugs ‘crawling on our desks’ at Tucson call center


Cockroach infestation born in apartment rocks downtown Cuba businesses

Cockroaches snakes and scorpion infestations Seven real flight NIGHTMARES exposed

Dog Saves Canadians from Bug-Infested Statues at Pearson Airport

Insect infestation shuts down Portsmouth playground

La Mirada pizza joint temporarily shut down because of cockroach infestation.

Owosso homeless shelters face bed bug problem

Pine beetle poses threat to Southwest Colorado forests

Brown marmorated stink bug

Cockroach 'ran across Indian restaurant bar during hygiene inspection'

Dan Corkery - Emerald ash borer a long-term invader

Elm leaf beetles still infesting Perthville Uniting Church

Fire ants, including two queens, make way to Kyoto via China

Mother blames airline for bed bug bites

Passengers on two Chinese flights horrified to discover over 100 cockroaches on board

Pine beetles remain continued threat to Long Island trees

Subway investigating claims Thornton Heath branch has cockroach infestation

Woman says she was bitten by bed bugs at a Valley movie theater

Bed bug problem in Syracuse schools spreads to 7 buildings

Bedbug talk to headline Ogdensburg City Council meeting

Canastota schools address bedbug concerns

City spending 1M in the war on bed bugs, but there's no way to know when it's won

Coconut rhinoceros beetle population found on Rota

Company refuses to pay for damage after home gets eaten by termites in Lutz

Council calls in treatment crews to deal with bed bugs at sheltered housing flat

Dagenham bakery fined after cockroach infestation

Dublin shop and restaurant closed due to rat and cockroach infestations

Heavy fanworm infestation on Bay of Islands boat

Invasive rhinoceros beetle found in CNMI

Massive Stink Bug Invasion Sweeps Northeast and Midwest

Pest Company fined $130000 after students at cockroach-infested school sickened

Region parks, parkways to lose hundreds of trees

Southern Pine Beetle Infestation Found In East Hampton Forest

18 farmers lose lives to pesticide poisoning in Vidarbha region

A family wins 546,000 over bedbugs at a Rancho Cucamonga hotel

Bed Bug infestation has some Alton residents concerned about potential health

Bed bugs continues to surface at Syracuse schools

Bed bugs found at the Salina Public Library

City spending $1M in the war on bed bugs, but there's no way to know when it's won

Coconut Rhino Beetle infestation found in Rota

Los Angeles Is Losing Its Palm Trees

More bed bugs found in Syracuse schools; parents told to check homes

Mothers-to-be should eat organic claim scientists- Cancer-causing compounds in pesticides can cross the placenta and increase the risk of brain tumours

Pest attack on Aman paddy in Sylhet

Roaches, bed bugs and fire hazards spur judge’s order to close Godfrey motel

UIC investigating suspected case of bed bugs in dorm

West Orange Ash Trees Threatened by Emerald Ash Borers and Ash Yellow Disease

Another bed bug confirmed at Henninger High School

Bed Bug Problem Strikes Ogdensburg High-Rises

Cotton crop hit by severe pest attack in South Punjab

Curry Garden restaurant in Dover High Street reopens after cockroaches removed

Fir beetle 'a growing problem' in P.G. area - Kordyban

Fueled by Warming Climate, Bark Beetles Chew Up Western Forests

Huge swathes of countryside marked high risk for Lyme disease due to tick infestations

Infestation at maple towers apartments

Kiwi triathlete hospitalised after horror cockroach encounter

Las Cruces residents complain of bedbugs in apartment complex

Motel operations suspended for one week

Sevenoaks' 'worst hotel' is set to be demolished following negative TripAdvisor reviews

We are cleaning and renovating the Maternity Unit at CWM hospital

A spreading threat - Emerald ash borers found in Franklin St Lawrence counties

Bed bug scare on UNO campus


Bed bugs infestation can happen quickly if left unchecked Halton acting MOH

Cockroaches shut down Thai restaurant in Santa Fe Springs

Douglas Fir Beetle Is Here

Infestation Of Lone Star Ticks Found On Island Off Norwalk

Insect menace headed north

Sightings of cockroaches in residence hall lead to questions of potential infestation

Vermin continue to plague Hamilton residents

Another mosquito-borne disease located in Butte County

Bed bugs found in Reserve apartment

Bedbug found at Paxinosa Elementary School

Beetle wreaking havoc on coconut and palm oil farms in Solomon Islands

Emerald Ash Borer found in Chippewa County

Families in cockroach infested flats in South Cerney condemn Bromford Housing Assocation for 'lack of action'

Houston Braces for a Mosquito Swarm

Residents Say Bed Bugs Plague Housing Authority Property in Weymouth

8,600 bags of wood recalled over bark beetle fears

At least 43 kids reported sick after insecticide exposure at day care

Bed bug population growing in Spokane

Bed bugs continue to plague county buildings

Cockroach infestation forces popular Templeton restaurant to temporarily close

Cuyahoga County Ups Bed Bug Extermination Funding

Dry spell, pests hit kharif crop, soybean suffers most

Lone star tick that triggers red meat allergy spreading across US

OAPs ‘bitten to bits’ by bedbugs in council-owned retirement housing

Racine Public Library, Bookmobile will be closed Friday after bed bugs found

Riverside Rest Home ends small bedbug issue

Texas Started with Aerial Attacks to Take Down Mosquitoes Following the State after Hurricane

Unhappy Hotel Tenants Claim Bedbugs_ Police Called

Bed bugs infest senior apartment tower in Hoboken

Bed bugs, drug paraphernalia greet 6th graders at Estes Park YMCA

Bedbugs Just Got A Whole Lot More Terrifying

Bloodthirsty Bed Bugs Homewreck SF Couples Relationship

Eggs withdrawn in Taipei after fipronil found on another farm

LA Live restaurant among 7 forced to close for cockroaches

Officials call for action on tick-borne diseases linked to local parks

School district quarantines electronics due to bed bugs

Soybean looper causing you trouble, too!

Statia Govt intervenes to control snail pest

Termites eat into village, locals flee

A family say they were forced to leave home by a flea infestation

Bed bugs continue to be a problem in Ohio

Bloodthirsty bed bugs and hairs on the CEILING-Hotel reviewer who specialises in exposing dirty rooms checks into a $35 Detroit 'hell hole'

Columbus slipping on list of bed bug-infested cities

Dream home horror Buyer stuck with $100k in damage

Indianapolis ranked among top 10 worst on bedbug infestation list

Insect in food, Vocational Rehabilitation Training Centre students lodge protest

Invasive stink bug makes province's apple growers nervous

Matt Dawson- I had to have heart surgery after a tick bite

Moosapet residents say ward is ‘hub’ of mosquitoes

2nd case of tick-borne Powassan virus in Saratoga County, 3rd suspected

China One Buffet closed after cockroaches

Consumer alert issued for Glenshaw restaurant found with over 100 dead ants

Cutting crews sought in effort to stop spread of pine beetles

Dave Capocci's plea to be rehomed after living with bedbugs in Southampton flat for three years

Infested beetles force Hong Kong hospital to remove wooden cabinets

Invasive beetle is killing ash trees in Bogota

Millions of Eggs in Europe Found Contaminated with Insecticide Fipronil

Northwich Yankees takeaway owner fined as inspection uncovers cockroach infestation

Residents of WB apartment complex files suit over bed bug infestation

Salt Lake County health inspectors close upscale Holladay restaurant after finding live cockroaches and rat feces

Scoot investigating claims of bed bugs on airplane seat after angry passenger files complaint

This invasive insect from the Mediterranean is now infesting Utah homes

10 samples of pesticides, insecticides fail quality check

Another Cockroach Restaurant Violation In Falls Church

Bed bugs seeing 'exponential' increase in Grayson County bugs on the

Bed bugs seeing 'exponential' increase in Grayson County

Boy they itch like crazy - Bedbugs bother Whitehorse visitors and residents

Buena Vista Library dealing with different kind of visitors — bed bugs

Cockroach infestations lead to closures at 5 Los Angeles restaurants

Officials Want Help Watching for Invasive Tree-Eating Beetle

Pest attack ‘alarming’, Amarinder Singh asks officials to act

Poor conditions spark debate at OHA appartment

Railway guards on strike over ‘bed bugs’

APH responds to Orkin's bed bug cities list

Dutch farmers cry ‘fowl’ as eggs poisoned by insecticide

Metro treats bus benches for pest issue

Mississippi facing Southern Pine Beetle outbreak

Pest attack threat- With sultry weather on, farm dept on toes

Railroad workers fed up with pest problem at Hearne hotel

Shull Mansion in West Columbia too far gone to save

St. John’s ranks Number 5 on Orkin Canada’s ‘Top 25 Bed Bug Cities’

Sudbury lands 8th on list of bed bug-ridden cities

Termite battle heats up as pests threaten historic neighborhoods

Tick Tock- Stamford Warns Of Increases In Tick Population, Dangers

Tourist tells of his horror after his Tenerife hotel room was over-run by BED BUGS leaving him covered in a rash and having to destroy his clothes

Invasive insect found in Lake George hemlock

Jessica Edwards, 28, has spent £5,000 on pest control and replacing furniture after moving into a Circle Housing property in Mitcham

Kim San Leng Food Centre at Bishan hit by cockroach infestation

Man claims hotel bed bug nightmare

Parliament is infested with bedbugs and there's 'urgent action' to clear them out

St. Augustine City Hall and Lightner Museum gets tented for termites

State House Gobbles K1Million In Main

Tenants allege JK 1000 Country Place, others failed to disclose bed bug infestation

Termite bites, black mold allegedly send teen to hospital

Williams-Bed bugs on the rise

2nd case of tick-borne Powassan virus in Saratoga County, 3rd suspected

Bed bugs are a continuing nuisance

Cockroaches rodent droppings shut down 4 San Fernando Valley restaurants

Familys dream home turns into termite-infested nightmare

House of horrors calls for a central termite zoning framework

Increase in ticks prompt Lyme disease concerns

Parliament is full of bloodsucking parasites bed bugs

Thousands of cockroaches crawl out of a Philadelphia manhole cover

Dry termite eaten trees pose risk- Residents

Hungry termites marching on Melbourne with homeowners warned it could get ugly

Insect damage to crops picks up

Mother of one dies of untreatable tick- borne virus that has only affected 5 people in US

San Antonio ranks 2 for cities with most termite infestation

Chicken shop owner fined after cockroaches found in kitchen

Homemade chemical concoction to kill bed bugs leads to apartment evacuation

Keep watch for these tree-attacking insects

Popular pesticide may harm bee flight

Termite-infected trees at school pose risk to pupils

Bed bugs found at another Charleston fire station as precautionary checks continue

Don't freak out, but 9 Florida beetle species carry a fungus deadly to avocados

Drought, insects can take toll on trees

Rodents, droppings found at Kendale Elementary School

Bed bugs found in Redford Union gym, parents warned in letter

Farmers warned to be on high alert for Bruchid beetle infestations in winter bean crops as temperatures soar

Students deal with sewage, rodents and roaches at a D.C. school

Termites swarm Southwest Louisiana

Whistleblower investigation reveals bed bug infestation in casino hotel

Bedbug kills Student in OAU, as students protest

Bedbugs Found In Tulsa Platt College Classrooms

Health department remains closed after bed bugs discovered

Invasive Beetle Confirmed in 3 More Arkansas Counties

Man 'found dead cockroach in his chocolate bar - after he'd already started eating it'

Roaches, rodents close three area restaurants in Delray Beach, suburban Lake Worth, Stuart

Swarms of wasps, flies, ants and fleas could invade Derbyshire homes and gardens this summer

Bed Bug Infestation in Berkeley County

Lawrence County Health Dept To Discuss Bed Bug Issue

Apartment dwellers affected most by bedbugs

Experts Say Early Termite Swarms in Louisiana Not Unusual

NEW 4 Palm Beach Co. restaurants cited for roaches, rodents or both

Cockroaches, rodent droppings, sewage discharge, nonworking toilets shut down 6 San Gabriel Valley restaurants

Parents and students upset about reported cockroaches at Norfolk school

Roasted cockroach for dinner,Insects creep onto menus of Australian eateries

Tenants Want Recurring Bed Bug Infestation Gone


Cockroaches, rodent droppings and more force closures at 12 LA restaurants

Liverpool One restaurant admits food safety breaches over cockroach and mice droppings

Tenants Want Recurring Bed Bug Infestation Gone

Cockroach infestation forces temporary closure of Burbank restaurant

Formosan Termites Discovered in Pinellas County (Fla.)

Philadelphia ranked one of the most termite-infested cities in the nation

The filthy cockroach infested restaurant that had health inspectors so shocked they closed it on the spot

texWait, there's a baked cockroach in that pizza!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Pine Forest or Oaks Pine Beetle Infestation Raises Questions about Future of Long Island’s Ecosystem

Residents in New Glasgow seniors complex fed up with bedbugs

Termites causing trouble for Riverside residents

Bedbugs invade Aggrey SHS_ Headmaster cries for help

Cinema fined €700 after insects found in a box of sweets

Cockroach, rodent infestations, lack of hot water force temporary closures at 9 LA restaurants

Expired food, dirty kitchen, insects found at Knoxville pancake restaurant

Nanticoke High School Bed Bug Concerns

What's really behind Miami restaurants’ cockroach problem

Bedbugs discovered twice recently in Topeka VA medical unit

Boca Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer Joe Osborne Says Bed Bugs Pose a Major Threat

Metro Health says bed bug infestation 'Worst it's ever handled'

Termites Cause $5 Billion in Property Damage - Protect Yourself

20+ animals, 2 kids removed from cockroach-infested home in Sheraden

Bedbug Found in Keansburg School

Students from DC School Infested With Bed Bugs Head to Class at Temporary Location

Bahamas Resort Sued by Guest Claiming Bed Bug Attack

Bed Bugs Invade OPASS

Beetle Increase Kills Thousands of Acres

Campbell County High School deals with bedbug problem

Cockroaches, bedbugs block life-saving kidney transplant Landlords sued over deadly infection danger

East TN high school battling bedbugs

Holidaymaker COVERED in bed bug bites from infestation at Lisbon apartments

Houston follows New Orleans for U.S. cities with worst cockroach infestations

Oakland Apartment Building Residents Report Poor Conditions, Bedbugs

Blind Winnipeg man desperate for end to bedbug infestation

Passenger complains of bedbug bites on Singapore-bound coach ride from KL

Spruce beetle infestation crosses Continental Divide

Stink bugs and leaf-footed bugs can ruin developing pecans

Tree-killing bugs threaten Nebraska, Iowa trees

Virginia Tech alum discovers invasive insect on campus launches efforts to protect trees

Asian Lady Beetle invades Central Texas

Bed bug infestation hits a public housing building in Green Bay

Bed bugs a growing concern in Muskogee

Bed bugs infesting Chester city fire stations

Blue Water Bridge border agents find bad bug in bean shipment

Chelsea High School Closed 2 Days Because Of Fly Infestation

Cockroaches shut down 4 restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley

Bank fined Rs 1.55 lakh as termites eat into sale deeds kept in locker

Grim pictures reveal inside of filthy cockroach-ridden Indian restaurant where diner even found one in their curry as owner is ordered to pay £10,000

Henry Fox Bedbugs are tough to eliminate

'I'm sleeping with the bugs,' Macon woman says of distressing pests

Cal City restaurant closed because of live cockroach problem

Did someone send bedbugs for rituals

Bedbugs biting seniors, tapping taxpayers

Disgusting video captures huge RAT nibbling on bars of chocolate at off license

Do you know what's living under your mattress

Health Canada plans to phase out controversial pesticide


'No need to panic' as bedbugs confirmed in Igloolik homes

Officials warn residents about bed bugs

Threat to agriculture Fruit fly infestation causing loss of billions to exports

Tropical bed bugs found in Florida for first time in 70 years

Whitefly taking to the air

'Safe' Pesticides Not So Safe After All Honeybee Deaths Linked To Compounds Previously Thought Bee Safe

Bedbugs a major pain for Midland apartment dweller

In public housing, bed bugs an issue

Whitefly populations explode on Georgia fall vegetables


Woman claims she was attacked by bed bugs on medical transportation van

Disgusting picture shows a COCKROACH crawling over dish at an award winning Indian restaurant

Drought brings ant infestation to Western Mass

Employees quit reportedly ill after treatment of bed bugs

Tenants concerned about bed bugs at Ridgway public housing apartment complex

The Country Life , Grasshoppers are here grab the dynamites

Zoomlion fights bedbugs at Akropong School for the Deaf

Crazy ants likely to cause headaches for homeowners in the Pine Belt

Fanshawe Library dealing with bed bugs

In this summer heat ants are invading Hampton Roads homes

Is this the dirtiest hotel room ever

Swarms of flying ants came out in Kent because of the warm weather

Workers Complain about Bedbugs at Hot Springs Call Center


Bed bug infestation plagues Montreal family living in social housing complex

Don't let them bite! bedbugs proliferate in Swedish hotels

Health department temporarily closes seven spots, cites several for health violations

Millions of moths alight at Campbellton auto dealership

Popular wholesale shop ordered to close after cockroach , mice infestation

Grasshoppers Inundate Kansas pending

Leaf Cutter Ants Chew Up Photographer's Camera Gear

Slow moving monster Formosan termite

Super-moth invasion Mutant insects to attack crops as numbers explode

Termites invade premises of historic Khalsa College

Beware the march of the termites

Insects feast on plants, endangering crops and costing billions

Termite damage forces church to partially close

Termites eat up Rs 1 lakh in bank locker

Ants on the rise in Edmonton

Bedbugs close 14 branches of Essex County Library

Formosan termites found in nine more Riverside locations

Harmful insect Emerald ash borer found in Waterford

Insect infestation attacks eucalyptus trees in the NSW Central West

Japanese beetles are Public Enemy No. 1 for homeowners

New battle against termites has started and is tougher than last year


West Haven woods will be wiped out because of beetle

Insect impact on canola crop

New pest threat to grain industry

Restaurants found with roaches, rodents

REVEALED The Buderim family home destroyed by termites

Tent caterpillar infestation makes it tough to find insecticide

Termite Swarm Shuts Down Daphne Starbucks

Termites Continue To Worry Riverside Homeowners

Termites gnaw green heritage as UT turns toothless

The Emerald Ash Borer has arrived in Omaha

Giant blood-sucking bedbugs invade two tower blocks leaving residents horrified

Syrian refugees battling bedbugs in Saint John

Thurmont park trees damaged by beetles, to be removed

Whitefly attack Farmers condemn Chief Secretary for not holding meeting with them

YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Pregnant woman living in cockroach-infested apartment

Cockroach-filled home put family in disease's way, doctor says

German cockroaches invade filthy UK takeaway

'Hygiene horror' Leyton grocers shut down over mouse and cockroach infestations


Insect infestation again closes Reading district court

Manitoba residents bemoan surge of forest tent caterpillars

Tree-killing beetle reaches Texas

Bed bugs invade some SHS in Volta Region

Bedbugs found in USF business classrooms

Cucurbit Yellow Stunting Disorder Virus Cases Flaring In South Florida

Insect infestation found in citrus trees

Invasive beetle wiping out city ash trees

LR Tenants Fight Bed Bug Infestation

Mom says bed bugs 'biting my children all over' at Winston-Salem apartment complex

Termite expert expects record-breaking year

A common pesticide may be a menace to pollinators. Know how to protect them.

Alfalfa weevil larval feeding starting in southern Michigan alfalfa fields

Blondie's Pizza on Powell Shut Down For 'Severe Cockroach Infestation'

Insect attack leaves green marks on Taj Mahal

Our Opinion Our forests are losing the fight to damaging insects

Texas A&M Agri Life study shows insect costing millions

The Uncertainties of Preparing For Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Warm winters causing Aphid outbreak in Kargil

Bed bugs found at hospital

Former tenant says bedbugs have ravaged St. John's apartment building

Malawi Bed Bugs Hit Bwaila Hospital

Pesticide that killed two Utah girls used across from Highlands Ranch school

SICK Veterans with PTSD served COCKROACHES at VA hospital

The EPA Says 3 Common Pesticides Could Harm Nearly All Endangered Species

Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala threatens to fire top beach hotel staffers over bedbugs

Yukon student says he found a cockroach in school meal

3 Hurt in BugSpray Blast in Infested NJ Home

Colorado Springs among entities to split 300000 cost of spraying 4000 acres of infested trees

Concord prepares to cut down a lot of trees

Flea beetle larvae plague spreads further north

Girl students hospitalised as insects attack school

Japanese Beetle

Nova Scotia earmarks 1.6M to fight bed bugs

Oklahoma County jail fighting bed bug infestation

The bed bugs that just wont die Scans reveal critters have developed a thicker skin to fight back against insecticides

Balala storms state hotel over bedbugs

Bed bug found in West Branch pre

Brisbane dining Live cockroaches found in Libertine's kitchen and inside drinking straws

Harlequin ladybirds are conquering the world at great speed

Insect infested Indian cumin seized in US

Kid's popular party place & ice rink temporarily closes for 45 live roaches in kitchen

Pest attacks sunflowers just a month before harvest


Subway Discovered To Be Using Cockroaches in Food, FDA to Close U.S. Subway Restaurants

Increased Moisture Could Bring More Termite Activity Following Blizzard


No need to cover windmill palms

Non-native fruit fly adapts to cold weather in Idaho

NY Wants Help Fighting Southern Pine Beetle

Pictured-Huge cockroach infestation that caused a Radcliffe Indian restaurant to close

Powderpost Beetles Infest Mission Couples Home

Prepare For Corn Earworm In 2016

School district pays USD22500 to kill Tomlin Termite

Scientists say beetle could be spreading tree killing fungus

Clarington struggling to keep up with infected ash trees

Common Pesticides Cause Memory Loss In Honeybees

Could the ladybird plague of 1976 happen again

Coles serves up roaches

Deforestation Facilitates Rainforest Invasion Of Black Rats

Emerald ash borer leaves desolated Burlington beach

Fruit fly threat for Tasmania

Hawaiis Curious Critters

Plethora of weevils set to invade Alberta field

Shocking footage shows cockroaches on a plane crawling over a food preparation area midflight

Bedbugs scorched at Saratoga Springs City Hall

Emergency bedbug treatment costs plunge in Halifax public housing


Mice, bedbugs, broken heaters- What it takes for DC to sue landlord

Recent flooding causes pest problems

Roaches crawl through apartment building

Soldier claims mold infestation at Fort Gordon barracks

Study Finds Bed Bugs Highly Resistant to Neonic Insecticides

Victorias hazelnut industry on alert

Warm weather brings onslaught of European Chafer Beetle

After historic flooding, does your home need to be treated again for termites

Akron Marathon registration starts, Akron Cleveland no.3 for bedbugs

Alyssum Attracts Good and Bad Insects

Bed bugs nestling back in Dayton

Bedbugs found in Warren County elementary school


Capri church tented for termite treatment

Changing weather blamed for rise in insect infestations at Airedale Hospital

City scratches head over bedbugs

Creepshow HUNDREDS of cockroaches infest Trafford Centre cinema

Disgusting cockroach infestation uncovered at Liverpool takeaway

Don't let the bedbugs bite

EPA Says Insecticide May Pose Risk to Bees

Wired in USA magazine article

Adult cabbage stems flea beetle damage observations published by AHDB

An unprofitable harvest

Argentina Battles a Plague of Locusts

Beetle spreads worry among Ventura County farmers

Beetles invasion rocks biologists world

Cockroach infestation found at MM Cash and Carry in Ashford

Cotton farmers battle one of the worst cropping seasons on record after herbicide damage

Even Advanced Sanitation Could Not Save Roman Empire from Parasite Infestation

Land of white cockroaches

US has banned Almeria peppers

Ants bees and wasps

Asian fruit fly a threat to food security

Asian long-hornes beetle

AU Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus infestation at govt research farm

Bedbugs in schools serious health issue

Cucumbers' early death perplexes gardener

Haiti-millet plantations ravaged, huge loss

Washington Township on lookout for killer ash borers

When caterpillars attack

Woman finds dead maggot in her pistachio nuts

30 ash trees to be removed from Flora Park ahead of beetle

Arizona Gardeners- Controlling insects on winter vegetables

As emerald ash borer threatens trees debat rages about how to deal with the problem

D.C. woman find unpleasant surprise in christmas tree

Discovery of invasive insect threatens Stockton agriculture

Dispute over termite damage brings insurer

Flea beetles defeat cutworms for 2015 crop damage title

High Plains Farmers Battle Hessian Fly Infestation

Identification and control of residential turf insects

Invasion of the lady beetles

Be Prepared for the Invasive Spotted Lanternfly

Bed bug infestation causes family to struggle

Bed Bug Infestations Reported in Worcester MA

Bed bug issues in the East prompts some to stop reselling furniture

Bed bugs at Covington IRS force trainee to quit on second day

Bedbugs are difficult to eliminate

Falling temperatures draw more pests indoors

Hessian Flies are Bugging Winter Wheat Crop

NOW Pressure on the Rise in Walnuts

Whitefly attack

Bug infestation at vacant home migrating to Army vet next door

Fire-EMS things that bugs you

How termites build complex homes without a master plan

Louisville Slugger braces for attack of tiny killer beetle

New invasive bug found in Michigan

Shelter homes in Agra infested by termites

Tel Aviv fears invasive beetle infestation that causes trees to collapse

Termite Experts Attempt to Solve Taxonomic Cold Cases

The growing threat of black stem borer

wild bee decline threatens US crop production

Insects burrowing into firewood could threaten Arizona trees

Pest blights India's GM cotton crop, fuelling debate over risks

Shore flies damage

These weevils are a new pest

Whitefly destroys 66.66 percentage of Punjab's cotton crop, 15 farmers commit suicide

Yellow-Poplar Trees Damaged By Weevils in Cherokee National Forest

Insects feast on plants, endangering crops and costing billions

Barry Soper A lot rides on NZ being pest free

Bedbugs take a bite out of Big Apple

Federal government releasing $1 million to fight coffee pest

More fruit flies found in Grey Lynn

Termites Holding Police Headquarters Together, Commissioner Quips

Eastern lubber is one very hungry grasshopper

Grasshoppers devour and damage area north of Chico

Hungry ants knock out FiOS service

Mumbai Ants Chew Up Brake Cables in Local Train

Bats take up residence in Madison's abandoned tobacco barn

Caterpillars damaging, killing trees

New Ant Species Arrives With a Taste for Electronics

North Queensland farmer pushes Canberra to keep up fight against yellow crazy ant

Aphids plague spruce stands

Fighting back against an array of garden pests and diseases

Police Commish Says Insects Have Taken Over Old Hope Rd Headquarters

Termite 'superswarm' threatens South Florida

Aphids plague spruce stands

Asian lady beetle infestation is upon northern Minnesota

Districts continue to address concerns over bed bugs found in several school

Zap Bugs with Air Freshener Housing


BED BUGS What you need to know

Termite 'superswarm' threatens South Florida

UNILAG Students Stage Protests Over Bed Bug and Mosquito Infested Hostels

10-year-old hospitalized after termite fumigation


Nelson Mandela jail evacuated over rats' urine disease

Termites, salt water eating away at front of Biloxi's Beauvoir

Entomologists sniff out new stink bug to help soybean farmers control damage

Florida boy 10, suffered brain damage from termite tenting, says family

Termites damage century-old section of WA's Parliament House


Hungry moths ravage Japanese isle's camellia trees

Police Commish Says Insects Have Taken Over Old Hope Rd Headquarters

Some Nuisances Don't Need Insecticides

Termite 'superswarm' threatens South Florida

Bed bugs reported at Daytona Beach hotel

Chicken farm worker unprepared for 'seething mass' of bedbugs

Infestation Council-managed sheltered housing infested with bed bugs

Is Allston Christmas a free ride for bed bugs

Wasp attack kills 83-year-old Dudley grandfather

Barry Soper A lot rides on NZ being pest free

Bedbugs take a bite out of Big Apple

Federal government releasing $1 million to fight coffee pest

More fruit flies found in Grey Lynn

Termites Holding Police Headquarters Together, Commissioner Quips

'Termite menace' Hybrid swarm of destructive species set to invade Florida

2 houses damaged in northeast Dallas fire caused by worker trying to kill wasps

Insects feast on plants, endangering crops and costing billions

Termites Continue To Pose Significant Threat In 2015

Federal government releasing $1 million to fight coffee pest

Newent has had enough of the pigeon pest and mess in the town and want action


Plans to increase pest control charges unveiled

'Serious' grape pest found near Calistoga

The Battle over the Medfly

"I could see just swarms of bees," insects infest woman's wall

Bed bugs found at Portsmouth fire station

Disney vacation ruined when family finds Florida hotel room overrun with BEDBUGS after daughter gets worst bites her doctor had ever seen

Exotic termites are finding love in the Palm Beach County

Viburnum leaf beetles have made way to Pa

Baltimore begins fight against beetles targeting area

Farmers worry about harvest as stink bugs make a mess in NW region

Homeowner's mistake leads to smoldering garage fire on the North Side

Taxpayer-funded trial of GM wheat designed to beat bugs and cut need for insecticides ends in a £3million failure

The Turkish woodworm wars

Angry ants on the march in SA-and can have fatal consequences

Elm leaf beetle hitchhiking across Adelaide devouring street trees

Locust swarms more than 40ha in size black out the sky in Queensland

Melbourne European wasp plague

Soldier beetle mania is invading the gardens of Victoria

Emerald ash borers invade Baltimore

Insects feast on plants, endangering crops and costing billions

Pesky insects are eating their way through

Stinkbug Threat Has Farmers Worried

Tenants complain about bed bug infestation at Gardens of Daytona Apartments

Bed Bug Epidemic

Bed Bug Infestations An Increasing Concern in the US and Worldwide

Explosion in Apartment Highlights Risks of Using Chemical Foggers to Kill Insects

Termites eat away currency worth over

Utah declares war on bug world

Dozens of fanged tube spiders found living outside houses on a Newport street

Florida gardeners face new insect threat

Insect killer of crops, gardens arrives in Bay Area and is spreading north

Invasive insects taking a bite from N.Y. farms, gardens

It's time for the insect invasion

Locust Swarm Descends Upon Madagascar's Capital

Bed bugs reported at Asheboro senior apartments

Brown marmorated stink bug found in Missouri

Bug infestation becoming big problem for Box Elder ranchers

Conehead termites invade Dania Beach

Experts seeing increase of Formosan subterranean termites in Baton Rouge

Roaches on the rise in Ottawa

Sap sucking insect plays role in changing the colour of eucalytps

Second Asian citrus psyllid found in Arroyo Grande

Spring Bugs are Popping Up Around Texoma

Termite infestation allegedly leads to portion of woman's floor falling in, lawsuit

15 peacocks die after consuming crops laced with pesticide

Bukit Batok West residents bugged by beetles

Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Spiders Ran Rampant, Suing Tenants Say

Lay a trap for pesky pests

Montana trees threatened by disease-carrying insects

Possible bed bugs reported at Socastee Elementary School

Residents say bed bugs a big issue at retirement home

Stinking pest comes out of the woodwork

Termites and other bugs on a tear, thanks to a warm Treasure Valley spring

Yellowknife mother says home infested with beetles

Asian pest to citrus plants found in Hollister

Bed Bug Problem In Twin Falls

Bed bugs in ESU dorm

Bed Bugs Infesting Senior Citizen's Home

Bed bugs invade Adisadel College

CBP seizes destructive pest

Emerald Ash Borer discovered in Fond du Lac

For Connecticut's Pine Trees, a New Insect Threat Emerges

Formosan Termite Numbers Rising in East Baton Rouge and Louisiana

Quarantine survey finds psyllid on Norfolk Island

Ants and Termites Starting to Spring Up

Bed Bug 'Epidemic' Bites Here, Throughout CT

Bed bugs a growing problem in Buffalo and other cities

Bedbugs follow main attraction at Indy movie house

Beetles about as Dundee homes see boom in carpet bugs

Insects are everywhere

Pesticides Linked to Honeybee Deaths Pose More Risks, European Group Says

Residents complain of beg bugs at Toronto public housing units

TCH senior's building infested with bedbugs, cockroaches

The Creepy, Crawly World of Bedbugs And How They Have 'Infested' Homes

Are Harvard's Dying Hemlocks a Warning for Trees Everywhere

Bed bug shuts down Harford Glen's overnight science program

Bed Bugs at Epidemic Proportions in Fairfield County

Insecticides with herbicides cause crop injury, yield loss

Longhorned beetle contained, still poses threat

New Orleans swarming with tiny invaders

Rare insect found in celery load

Scientists zero in on insect species geared to kill coral cactus

Sneaky bugs bother pecans

Spring termite invasion can mean house troubles

Alien bugs sneaking into England in ship's cargo will destroy our woodland

Asian citrus psyllid quarantine expanded in Madera County

Auckland spray is "probably carcinogenic"

Bed bugs invade Adisadel College

IUPUI student complains of bed bugs in off-campus housing

Resident suspects bed bugs closed assisted living facility

San Francisco Is Crawling With Termites

Taking a bite out of your home

Two most destructive termite species forming superswarms in South Florida, UF study finds

What's that wretched smell coming from

Almond growers urged to watch for leaffooted bug

Bed bug battle may have sparked fire

Bed bugs busted in Hamilton courtroom

Invasive insect anticipated

Lambs Farm Battling Bed Bug Infestation

Larger termite swarms due to wet winter

Mosquito complaints rising around the Valley

Pesky stink bugs in N.J.

'Termites of the sea' threaten WA jetty

Western corn rootworm is getting the EPA

Arizona's citrus in quarantine over tiny pest

Bed bugs may be increasing in Cerro Gordo County, officials say

Bedbugs causing sleepless nights for Tampa senior citizens

Bedbugs found, exterminated at nursing home in Inman

Dual threat of bugs, weather reduces organic berry harvest by 30%

Emerald ash borer found in Webster Parish, causing problems with ash tree population

Feds find invasive insects in shipments at Norfolk port

Mild winter wakes nuisance pests early

Researchers find tentative link between pesticide use and ADHD

Sugarcane aphids may be problem for sorghum growers in 2015

200 trees come down in Lombard's Madison Meadow

Bed bug scare closes Maryland courthouse

Bed bugs found in restroom at Titusville elementary school

Bed bugs found in two Orange County libraries

Invasive species harming beeches

Midlanders on the hook for removal of ash trees

Synthetic pesticides invading all areas of life

Tree barks peel off in Sion

Veggies and fruits in the capital contain dangerous pesticides causing serious health problems

Vietnam bans peanuts import from India after finding 'dangerous' insects in shipment

Bed bug outbreak in University Village

Biosecurity alert as stink bug found in Port Kembla cargo

Elm pest develops resistance to pesticide widely used to treat it

Fear of rice pilferage haunts headmasters

Invasive termite wreaks havoc

Kudzu bug 'We don't know any way to stop it'

Olivier bugs in groundnut export consignments from India to Vietnam

Researchers confirm that neonicotinoid insecticides impair bee's brains

Slugs Are Eating America

This insect is causing a lot of problems in Africa

Bed bug infestation becomes major problem for local family

Bed bugs hitching a ride into S. Tier homes, schools

Bedbug infestation increase in senior high-rise facilities

Bed-Bug Infestation Sees Goldsmith Apartment Evacuated

Bedbugs biting patrons

Problems with pecan trees

Some state workers sent home after bedbugs found in Docking building

Study links pesticide use and depression in farmers

Vietnamese farmers' overuse of pesticide harms fertile soil

Washington farmworkers hit with drifting pesticides become sick, CDC warns about new mixturre on market

Bed bug complaints coming in from Lorain

Brown marmorated stink bug is one to watch on corn this year

Elm pest develops resistance to pesticide widely used to treat it

Farmer Discovers Termites Affecting Sugarcane Yield

Foreign insects cause plague on Cuban Malanga crops

Forensic science lab reports found eaten up by termites

Kudzu bug infestations wreaking havoc across Alabama, many other states

Merrimack cafeteria still closed after cockroach infestation

More Mango weevil cases come to light

Pesky beetle could wreak havoc on Colorado Springs trees

'Armywormageddon' broke out in Arkansas soybeans this year

'Kissing Bug' Infected 300K Americans with Deadly Disease

Arborists trying to save state tree

Avicii - Avicii splashing out $350k on termite infestation

Banana crop under pest attack

Bed bug bites land backpacker in hospital

California contracts termite trouble

Citrus bugs found near Kingsburg, quarantine expanded

Emerald ash borer kills thousands of trees in Illinois

Invasive insect could be bad for Pennsylvania's grapes, hardwoods

Bed bugs plague Desert Hot Springs senior apartments

Bed bugs reportedly found on 16th floor of Willis Tower

Bed Bugs Said to Plague PIMCO Office in New York

Bed Bugs spotted at the Potawatomi Casino

Bedbugs bite into Rockland taxpayers

Bedbugs Spotted in Two Timberville Apartments

Plastics and Coatings Industry Magazine Article

Film and Sheet Extrusion Article

Article written for Eurasian Chemmarket

Rodent and Termite Control in Plastics

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